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The episode with signs of a wedding at Carterís house; where Deputy Andy and S.A.R.A.H. (the house) were getting married. S.A.R.A.H. got cold feet at the last minute and could not go through with it.

Back at GD Zane was still bugging Lupo to find out why she had his grandmotherís ring. Fargo stepped in and told Zane to get back to work on the inertial dampener, Zane left to go work on it. Shortly after Fargo is chilling out in the capsule of a decommissioned rocket when Zane shows up to say that he has installed the inertial damper in the engine.

What Zane didnít know is that when he closed the door on the rocket it would complete the countdown and take off with him and Fargo inside. The entire town sees the rocket take off, when Allison canít find Fargo she takes command of the situation and sends missiles to shoot down the capsule thinking it is empty.

Carter figured out in time that Fargo and Zane were on board and hits the self-destruct on the missiles; however, now the capsule was going to hit the ISS (International Space Station). Fargo managed to use some of the oxygen they had to steer the capsule away from the ISS and that let ground control know they were alive.

After some near misses, Henry sets up the BCE to catch the capsule and Fargo fired the FTL drive and landed safely. Zane and Fargo climb out where Zane hugs Lupo and calls her ìJojoî and she smiles broadly.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Henry: It's built on the principle of the Einstein-Grant Bridge.
Carter: The bridge device? There's the gift that keeps on giving.

Grace: Did we have a launch scheduled?
Allison: No.
Carter: So not good then.