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Tonight’s episode opened with Carter heading off to Harvard to visit Zoe. Meanwhile at Global Dynamic space week started with a blast (off) of rockets for the annual 24-hour race to the moon event.

Shortly after the launch Zane and a flock of crows crashed into a car. Zane survived but appeared to be drunk. Allison checked his blood and did not find any alcohol. She did find excess oxygen in his blood stream that would have caused the effect of being high on drugs or alcohol.

Carter’s visit with Zoe went awry when the cat she that is part of her final grade gets into a spray that makes it nearly invisible and it gets out. Carter and Zoe chased the cat over most of her dorm.  They finally trapped the cat in the shower and washed off the spray.

Jo let Zane go free; she believed he had a good side and that he would do the right thing. Zane took off but came back and explained that nobody had ever stuck their neck out for him. The two of them were headed to launch site to find Deputy Andy when they both felt light headed and Jo drove off the road.

Deputy Andy found theme and the three of them got back to GD safely. Deputy Andy explained there was a growing concentration of oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere starting at the launch site. As Jo and Fargo continued to investigate, they found that Allison had added an unauthorized chemical to Kevin’s rocket to help his boost. The chemical was designed to create oxygen and was activated when it went through an EM field on takeoff and was the cause of the extra O2. The team decided to detonate all the rockets to stop them from returning. All but one was destroyed. Larry had removed his self-destruct module to reduce weight.

Allison’s son Kevin came up with the solution of releasing hydrogen into the extra oxygen and neutralizing the issue by creating water (H2O). The solution worked and the extra oxygen was removed. Sadly, Larry’s rocket returning from the race went off course and crashed into Jo’s house. Carter returned from Harvard and found Jo bedding down in the jail cell since she had no home. He told her she could stay with him; with Zoe at Harvard he had the room.

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Jo: Andy, can you go out to the launch site and check for crows, they may be acting drunk.

Deputy Andy: Drunk crows, I'm on it!

I am really enjoying the higher cheekbones.

Deputy Andy