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The episode opened with the Astraeus candidates beginning physical training. While everyone else is getting healthy, Carter enjoyed a maple bar at Café Deim when his phone rang and Deputy Andy let him know that there had been a bank robbery.

While Carter was excited about an old fashion bank robbery, his excitement was short lived when it was the whole bank that was taken. Worse, as the day continued more things begin disappearing, or more correctly begin to floating away as Carter discovered when his jeep floated 50 feet above the lake to join the bank.

Henry, Holly, and Fargo figured out that there was an Higgins-field distrupter in the bank that was being powered by a vial of anti-matter and it was removing the mass from heavy object first and working it’s way to smaller objects. 

They sent Carter into the bank by floating him up and he neutralized the anti-matter and everything began to float back down, except the bank which began to plummet to the ground. So quick thinking had him flash the distruptor with the anti-matter and it stopped him just short of the ground where he landed safely. 

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Holly: Have you seen this?
Fargo: I did just give it to you.

Henry: [breaks bat on Carter's truck] I hardened it with a resilient, super hard, dense coating.
Carter: A science I can get behind.
Henry: Actually, I did it because I was just tired of fixing it.