Up in the Air Scene
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 14
"Up in the Air"
Original Air Date:

The town runs into a problem when the entire bank is stolen. Read on for a full recap.

The Eureka Crew
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 13
Original Air Date:

Carter and Lupo test a new crime fighting prediction tool that predicts the destruction of Eureka.

Greetings, Dr. Holly Marten
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

Felicia Day debuts on this episode of Eureka. Elsewhere, Carter must deal with Allison's kids when she leaves town.

Carter in his Car
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

What could a town of geniuses not see coming? That's the question on this season premiere of Eureka.

A Eureka Christmas
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 10
"O Little Town"
Original Air Date:

Carter has trouble getting into the holiday spirit this week, especially due to a force field surrounding the town. Elsewhere, Fargo organizes the GD Christmas party.

SyFy Promo Pic
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 9
"I'll Be Seeing You"
Original Air Date:

Grant and Carter become stranded on this week's mid-season finale. As a result, they must race back in time to save Eureka.

Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 8
"The Ex-Files"
Original Air Date:

Individuals from the past come back to haunt the lives of Carter and the gang on this week's episode. Aptly, the hour is titled "The Ex-Files."

Stoned Scene
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

As always, we've recapped this episode of Eureka in fun detail. The installment is titled "Stoned."

Momstrosity Scene
Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Carter goes camping with Kevin, and Henry this week and wants to come clean with Grace. As this is taking place, a strange relationship threatens Eureka.

Watch Eureka Season 4 Episode 5
"Crossing Over"
Original Air Date:

Claudia Donovan visits Eureka this week. Her goal? To see whether or not Fargo's promises of wondrous devices are true. We've got a full recap.

Eureka Quotes

Carter: You sure this is not some sort of science-geek-ren-faire thing?
Allison: Well, either we are both having the same delusion or we are really stuck in 1947.

Carter: What does a nanny have that I don't?
Allison: A PhD in early childhood development with an emphasis on organic nutrition.