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Acosta is shocked to learn he is being sued for inflicting severe psychological harm on Caroline Hopkins after he assisted in her exorcism.

He goes to Kristen for guidance, but she suggests he speak with the Church's lawyer, who turns out to be Renée Harris, the sister of his late love Julia.

The depositions are combative, and during the depositions, Acosta's past criminal history and time in rehab are revealed.

A settlement offer is one the table, but one of the conditions would be Acosta couldn't be ordained as a priest.

Renée says the Church will fight it and admits to having a crush on Acosta.

Kristen then has to idea to undercut the plaintiff's psychiatrist, and it works in their favor. The Church ends up settling for only Caroline's medical costs.

Toward the end of the episode, Renée shows up in Acosta's room, and viewers are left to wonder what happened between them.

Kristen adjusts to having Andy home but faces some growing pains, as he seems unsupportive of her new job and religious beliefs.

To make amends, Andy then gives Kristen a "get out of jail free card" to travel abroad and go climbing.

Sebastian continues therapy with Townsend and is eventually convinced by his "therapist" to buy an arsenal of guns and shoot up a mostly female prayer group, which includes Acosta.

However, as Sebastian is preparing, he accidentally kills himself.

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Evil Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Renée: Do you have a jacket with that?
Kristen: With this? Yes, but not with me.
Renée: Can someone get it for you?
Kristen: Why?
Renée: I want you to look like a doctor.
Kristen: A jacket will make me look like a doctor?
Renée: Yes.

Renée: So the priesthood.
Acosta: Are you surprised?
Renée: That wasn’t your thing.
Acosta: It wasn’t your thing to be a church lawyer either.
Renée: My sister screwed us both up.
Acosta: She got you to promise too?
Renée: On her deathbed – The church needs you.
Acosta: She probably told everybody the same thing that last day.
Renée: That’s Julia for you: Always has to have the last word, even from the grave.