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On Halloween night, Kristen and Acosta are sent to assess an exorcism.

Once the pair analyzes the situation, they are at odds while trying to determine whether it is a supernatural demonic possession, or severe mental disease escalated by physical and mental distress. 

Kristen calls in her therapist Dr. Boggs to assess the woman, and both believe she has schizophrenia.

Acosta wonders if it's not delusions as the woman mentioned the visions he has been having and the three stars.

The husband makes the call to continue with the exorcism, and Acosta tries to comfort the woman, saying she'll be protected against the Sixty.

Acosta is then able to "convince" the demon to leave the woman, and see seems to come back to her old self.

Ben goes on a paranormal television show called "Gotham Ghosts," where he debunks their supernatural finds.

He has a conversation with fellow unbeliever Vanessa, who works on the show, about some of the unexplained things he has witnessed.

He opens up to her about the apparition that appeared on the security footage but then finds out their conversation was being recorded for the show.

Though initially hurt, Ben and Vanessa make amends, and Ben gets her phone number.

Sheryl goes on an internet date where she “runs” into Townsend. The pair flirt and leave the restaurant together, going to makeout behind the building. She later does some light internet stalking, and the pair play strip poker over the phone.

Sheryl tells Kristen she had a good time on her date but doesn't mention who she was with.

Meanwhile, Kristen's daughters have some friends come over on Halloween and another girl named "Brenda." 

After the girls tell ghost stories, "Brenda" takes the everyone into the basement, and they play a game of how they would kill their mother and hide her body.

Sheryl then gets a call that the real Brenda is home sick, and someone else has been pretending to be her. She goes to find them, but Lexis tells her grandmother they went to the graveyard.

At the graveyard, "Brenda" has the girls play a game called "Funeral," makes Laura lie in an empty grave, and tells a scary story.

Kristen, who had been alerted to the situation by Sheryl, arrives at the graveyard and finds the girls sans "Brenda." They all head home, and "Brenda" is seen walking down the street without her mask.

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EVIL Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: You don’t really believe in this crap?
Vanessa: Ninety-five percent of what we shoot is helped along, but the other 5 percent – I’ve seen some stuff you can’t exactly explain.

Townsend: Was your friend OK?
Sheryl: Excuse me?
Townsend: Your friend?
Sheryl: Oh, yeah, he just had some hiccups. He’ll be fine.
Townsend: I’m glad. I knew a man that had hiccups like that; he had a heart attack and died.
Sheryl: I’m so sorry.
Townsend: That’s all right. He was suicidal anyway.