The God Helmet
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Kristen is drinking in the bath. Andy is coming home, and she needs to psych herself up for it.

The girls have planned a homecoming party.

Andy wants sex, but Kristen has burns on her stomach, so she needs him to be careful. They're burns from a cross.

When Andy touches them, she almost spontaneously orgasms. He thinks it's too loud, so she gets gags and animal masks.

When they're done, a gooey ooze escapes the bed and burns holes through every floor to the basement.

The team has to go to Cornell to look into the "God Helmet," which is a trademarked name they cannot use for it, to see if it truly inspires those who use it to see God and turn to Catholocism.

Ben is the first to use the helmet. He cannot pass up the opportunity to see God and Keith Moon.

Ben is sobbing, but when they go to him, he thinks he's just been having a nice sleep. It's a vision. He's seeing his mother and talking with her. She never wanted him to turn his back on Allah, but he says Allah turned his back on him. He takes her hand, wondering if he'll see God now. She said you can't see what you don't believe.

Ben ultimately sees something hellish, possibly death.

Some participants see counter positive reactions. Some see heaven, some see hell.

Andy is trying to understand the masks. When he puts them in the closet, he finds a shoebox with a journal and pulls it out. Inside the journal are papers with floor plans of some kind.

Sister Andrea is mopping the floor when Leland enters the kitchen, drops dirt on the ground, and smears it with his shoe. He wants to talk. he pulls the bandage from his hand and asks her to look at it.

He wants to pour ammonia on her, but she pulls out a huge knife. She's something else. He tries to be the big man, but he seems scared of her, as he should be.

Leland runs into David and says he thinks the church is too hard on its nuns and it's kind of sexy.

Sister says David needs to work harder on his meditations because their enemy is getting more aggressive, and they need to prepare.

David calls his sister to talk about his mother's disappointment in him. She doesn't want to participate.

Andy knows that Kristen changed, and he wants to know why. Since they're in the grocery store line, she acts like who she used to be, the person they promised they'd never become.

When a guy cuts in front of them, Kristen confronts him. They have to rely on Karma to get him, but she's not buying it. She goes to frozen goods and smashes him in the head, calling Andy to the register.

When they talk to someone who saw hell, was dragged to a pit of tar, Kristen decides to go for it. but the helmet doesn't register her. Because I don't have a soul, she quips, but the doctor is concerned.

David asks to go first. Please. Kristen worries that maybe he shouldn't do it.

The first thing he sees is Kristen, in a trenchcoat in her home. She has a  pickaxe. David tries to stop her. He sees the whole thing.

David screams, and when he sees Kristen, she knows. He tells her everything he saw.

Kristen leaves to go see Kurt. Kurt wants her to tell David what she's done to alleviate her psychosomatic symptoms.

I think she's still in the helmet.

She gets to David's. Leland is eating David's arm.

When Kristen comes out of it, she's incredibly worked up. She cannot believe that none of it happened. She gets up, looks at her boot, and then goes to Kurt's.

Kurt assures Kristen that his advice is not to tell David what she did. He wonders why she's not thinking about Andy. Maybe she wants to be with David. She says it's an unattainable direction. Kurt says if she stops him from being a priest, it won't be unobtainable.

Andy visits Sheryl. He's ready to launch into a discussion when he spots the altar. Andy says Kristen is more aggressive, dismissive, and angry. Sheryl thinks maybe Kristen should be. Andy defends himself, and Sheryl blames him. Then she turns to talk to the baby doll at the altar. No, it's not right. Andy is like, WTF?

David gets into the God Helmet.

David counted down entirely. He didn't get anything.

David tells Sister Andrea that he saw nothing. She says that's because his visions are not coming from regions of his brain. They're coming from God. She thinks that the technology rewired his brain, and now he'll need to start from scratch, and they've got little time to prepare.

For the first time, the team doesn't unanimously agree on their assessment.

Andy wants to sell the business. He'll work at REI. She doesn't take that suggestion well. She sobs in his arms. Later, she wakes, gets the rosary, and heats it on the stove. It's flaming red, practically melting.

She burns herself.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

David: Are you sure you want to go through with this, Ben?
Ben: Are you kidding me? A chance to see God and Keith Moon? Come on. How could I pass that up, right?

Sister Andrea: We need to work harder on your meditations.
David: Why?
Sister Andrea: Our enemy has become more aggressive. We need to prepare.