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A cop is chasing a suspect. When he has them pulled over, he asks for them to put their hands out the window. Gun drawn, he begs the driver to stop, the but suspect, without saying a word or showing their hands, reaches for something that looks like a gun on the passenger seat, and the cop shoots them four times.

A man is with our team explaining the situation now. The woman was Ms. Burke. It was a cell phone, not a gun.

It's a White on Black shooting, and the man, Louis, who is from the police union, has nothing but good things to say about Officer Turley. He'll be represented. But why is the union man here?

Officer Turley is Catholic and believes he was momentarily possessed when he saw a gun. It's super helpful that we, too, saw a gun.

Nobody wants to take the case. They immediately decide that the officer is a racist. David is willing to withhold justice by visiting with Officer Turley.

It turns out that Turley is in the carpool with Kristen. He says that he would have shot Kristen all things being the same.

Sheryl is with the kids, walking through the house moving her lips as if she's saying a mantra.

When Bishop Marx suggests that Satan uses racism as a form of diabolical oppression, David looks as though he's never considered it.

Kristen chats with her cop friend, Mira, about Jim Turley. She's got the same experience from a past split-second decision she made. When answering a call that a father was holding a gun to his baby when they burst into the house, he pointed a rifle at her, and she drew her gun. Except it wasn't a rifle. It was a mop.

She still believes she saw a gun. Race plays into it because 70% of her arrests to that point were black. She's not saying there aren't bad cops. But she thinks she and Officer Jim are the good ones.

It's time to talk about the LaRoux case. Emily has an alibi, but her new boyfriend, Dell Reuben, doesn't. Dell has a criminal record, so they're hoping to charge them both.

The camera pans from Kristen revisiting pickaxing LaRoux in the back of the head to the back of Ben's head.

He's watching a video about how people trick polygraph tests.

Ben checks on Leland's cam and promptly falls asleep, where his demonic girlfriend visits him. She ties him to the chair.

He tries to say she's not real. But his screams are real when she jams something in his arm. He worked on genetic manipulation of children, and she wonders why he gave up.

He wakes up freaking out, grabbing at his arm.

While watching Officer Turley's chest cam video, David recognizes a tattoo on his arm of one of the Sigil's in the map they found at Leland's place.

David has five pullovers of his own during one year and an app that records his police activity. He recalled that another cop had the same tattoo.

Kristen gets a text from Sheryl. The cops are there. Except it's Mira, who has a doll between two candles. Mira thinks it looks like an altar.

Mira says that Dell had an alibi, too. She would like to know if Kristen had an alibi when LaRoux was killed. She needs to talk with Lexis since she was awake when Kristen got home.

Mira also needs to know if she has any serrated blades and asks to look at her knives. Kristen eyes the pickax in the hallway nervously.

The tattoo is a cop's superstition that they get, so they don't get shot.

Kristen has a chat with Lexis to plant in her head what she needs Lexis to recall. It's a conversation, captured in our quotes, that makes me squirm.

Ben and Kristen look at the website that Mira suggested, but they learn nothing. Ben is still having night terrors. She gives him advice about the blue string and how to condition himself to lucid dream to kill his visitor.

Kristen finds the tattoo, which indicates a police association gang. Marx isn't happy that they discovered that information and wants to pull them off of it. They're shocked to learn that the Protectors are a gang of police on a show called Justice Served. What if the show itself is evil?

Sheryl discovers that Lexis is worried that Kristen wants her to lie. Lexis doesn't want to lie. Sheryl assures Lexis that the truth always wins. She takes Lexis to her strange doll and lights the candles.

Sheryl calls her Eddie, burns a dollar bill, and asks that it protect Lexis. As the candles indicate that Eddie my Eddie has heard Sheryl's prayer, Lexis flees from the room.

The team is on the Justice Served set. He confirms that the tattoo is a sigil. He got it from Dragnet. They and many shows before them have used it.

David wonders if his shows have any influence on the real cops and how they behave. They're wondering if the fictional version of the fictional Voight gives them a bad impression. Carr says Cliff Locke is a hero.

Carr says that he's extremely diverse, just after he says to Kristen, "people like us gotta stick together."

After a long diatribe about what the public wants, Ben agrees with Carr. David will speak with Marx about ending the case.

Ben is at the computer looking at babies again when he hears a noise and checks his rubber band. He enters a virtual reality game where he's wielding a large knife.

Ben is in bed, the trees tapping on the window. His friend rushes in with a ball gag. She's back on Cas 3. Why turn your back on genetics if you've done nothing wrong. He recorded the "you are back in the game" sound to be his alarm. Picking up the game knife, he goes on the attack. David is behind him with a machete. He says, "I was always here."

Ben hardly knows how to approach David about what he saw. He wants to talk about forgiveness. David will be a priest in one month. Ben struggles to ask about David's belief in God.

Ben takes it to heart. He asks a postal worker to say he forgives him. Ben seems to have missed the point.

The grand jury cleared Officer Turley. There's no need for a defense. David wonders if that was the protectors protecting one of their own. Louie suggests that David stop questioning Mr. Carr, who is good to the unions.

Marx presents their next case, which includes finding the two miracles necesssary to introduce Father Thomas to sainthood.

David says that grand juries never prosecute cops. On his way home, Ben is pulled over. the cop knows who he is, and he's just checking that nothing happens to him on his way home. That seems a lot like a veiled threat.

David, too, has been pulled over. Kristen is packing a case for their silent retreat. A lot of cops have been moonlighting with Carr and watch out for their own.

Kristen is fast asleep when there is a light in the hallway and shadows of someone walking through it.

Outside, there is a similar light. And she almost calls 911, but calls Mira instead. She's on her way. After they hang up, there is banging on her door. Kristen puts on her coat, yelling for the visitor to go away. She has a gun! Kristen grabs the ax from the hallway.

The lock opens, and Kristen exits the house, ax in hand. She's walking toward the front of the house. The visitor isn't scaring her, she says.

It's LaRoux bloodied wound fully intact. She says that he's a manifestation of her guilt, but he says that would only make sense if she felt guilty. He taunts her with how amazing it feels to kill someone. As they take their last breath, he's like their God. She was his God.

Mira and another cop arrive, asking her to drop her weapon and put her hand in the air. The pick ax is on the ground. It's serrated. Sheryl let them question Lexis. Kristen says she's guilty.

Mira asks for a minute. She doesn't want Kristen to say anything. Mira lays it out to her. She's a good person, and she has a friend who has a cop. LaRoux was a piece of crap. Some people deserve to die. Cops know that better than anyone. Mira will tell the others that they saw a black man out there, and they came out and scared him off.


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Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Louie: Does it matter that he thinks it was a gun?
David: That doesn't mean that he's possessed. It just means that he expected there to be a gun due to the driver's race.
Bishop Marx: Is it not also possible that Satan uses racism as a form of diabolical oppression?
Kristen: So, now we think Officer Turley is possessed and not just racist? I'm not proud of that sentence.
Ben: It seems weird to give him what he wants for the grand jury.
David: Nah, this might be bigger than that.

Kristen: Do you remember that guy, that killer who came here to threaten you?
Lexis: LaRoux.
Kristen: Right. So they want to know if I was here, too.
Lexis: Oh. That's easy. You were.
Kristen: Right. And I know that I sent you to be and later, I came upstairs to tuck you in.
Lexis: Is that what you WANT me to say?
Kristen: No, I'm just making sure that that's what happened.
Lexis: I guess that's what could have happened.
Kristen: You don't remember me coming upstairs, tucking you in about 30 minutes later?
Lexis: No, I do. [hesitant] I guess that makes sense to me.
Kristen: OK. Good. Thanks, Lex.
Lexis: Here's the thing, mom. Ben had put in that alarm system, and you couldn't have left because it would have set off the alarm, right?