Leland Pleads His Case - EVIL
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Someone calls Kristen with the news that LeRoux has been killed, bludgeoned by his wife. Her troubles are over.

Kristen runs cold water and gets her rosary from under the bathroom sink. When she touches it, it burns the palm of her hand. Uh oh.

She gets a bloody pickaxe out of her trunk and digs a hole in the backyard. She's interrupted by one of her daughters watching from the window upstairs.

The ax is now in her kitchen sink, where she's washing it with Clorox. She hears a noise outside but continues washing it, ultimately hanging it up in the hallway with the umbrellas.

Kristen tries to call David, but David is running down the middle of a nearby street begging God for help. He wants to see again.

He's been drawing his experience in the field. He cleans the wound on his abdomen with a scream of agony.

He has the vision again, and as Kristen walks toward the beast, Townsend appears out of the field dancing to Funkytown.

David, Kristen, and Ben take what they've uncovered about RSM Fertility to Bishop Marx. He can hardly believe what they're saying—demonic presence manipulating eggs to control a generation.

David wants to focus on that exclusively, but Marx has another case that came to them directly about a man who allowed himself to be possessed.

Ben wonders if there's anything he should be worried about with LeRoux's death, given the blood he saw on her leg previously. She skirts the issue and gives him the rosary to analyze the metal, but she won't show him her hand.

The guy who wants an exorcism is Leland. The trio rolls their eyes as Leland says he's eager to change after meeting such a wonderful woman -- Sheryl.

Marx wants to assess him regardless, and Kristen calls him out for the money that Leland is donating. Marx yammers on about God's greater glory before the three of them retire to David's room.

Ben says that they carry out the con by conning Leland back. People who lie reveal just as much about themselves as those who don't, so Ben's all over seeing what comes of their talks with Leland.

Leland taunts the trip when they begin asking questions. Kristen taunts him back about his icky youth. Roosevelt High, DesMoines. The bus driver made fun of him. Being intrigued by the dark arts, he decided to apply what he'd learned and conjured the devil one day. While his parents were watching MASH, he sealed the deal with the bus driver's life.

When David asks what the devil looked like, Leland describes David's devil to a T.

Kristen visits Kurt and asks if they have strict confidence. He promises not to hint to the police, and she says she killed someone, throwing him for a loop.

She tells him exactly how it went down, including LeRoux's threats and killing him with an ice ax. He notices that the way she tells it, she doesn't seem bothered. She doesn't worry that his wife will be blamed since she made sure he had an alibi. She wouldn't change what happened if she could.

What's really worrying her is the "rash" on her hand. Could they be psychosomatic symptoms? Kurt offers some lame comments, but nothing really lands.

He gives her a prescription and says they should talk again.

At home, there is a trail of blood throughout the house and upstairs. Grabbing a bat, she takes off, following the trail which leads her to Lexie, who has a bloody mouth. The girl is growing fangs.

Ben arrives with news about the rosary. It's cobalt, which, when slightly heated, can cause a burn.

Ben has info on the bus driver the next day, and Kristen reveals Leland's childhood name, Jake Perry.

Leland wonders how they determine if he's worthy of an exorcism. They ask questions and rule out the physical. Leland enjoys praying to the devil because he's strong. Christians are the only people who pray to a criminal.

He tells Ben he'll have a dream tonight. Ben doesn't care.

Kristen reports back with news about the bus driver. When he's up against the wall, he gets flustered. They take everything he says with a grain of salt.

When Leland explains the devil tattooing him behind the ear, Kristen gives quite the performance. When they say they need to visit his home, he's a little freaked out.

That night, Ben has a dream. Someone enters his house, and he cannot get up from bed. It's a woman who looks devilish and who pulls off his sheets and wants to kiss him. Just like Kristen's dream, he tries to talk himself out of it.

Lexie's teeth require surgery. When she's worried about it, Kristen tells her about her webbed feet when she was a kid. Kids make fun until they realize who you really are.

That evening, they infiltrate Leland's pad. They have four hours. Kristen thinks Leland is toying with them.

Ben gets into his computer and adds some software to watch him whenever they want.

Ben begins checking the room for sounds. There aren't even any ambient sounds. Ben thinks that's awfully strange, to be devoid of any natural sound.

They realize the Feliz Navidad doll is hiding something and pull the drawer out completely. Behind the wall, there is a terrible smell. The sound was paper flapping. A poster is behind the wall. It's a weird lookin' map with Arabic writing on it. When she walks under the door, the crucifix falls on Kristen's head. It's a tattoo kit.

Kristen calls Janie and discovers she's been hit by a car and is in a coma, which is what Leland said.

Marx wants a positive assessment of psychopathy and not a negative assessment of possession.

Leland laughs when he sees the chairs and won't play along with Kristen's questions.

Leland taunts Kristen some more. She is easy, but David will be harder. He's two months away from the priesthood, two months with potential sexual activity, yum yum.

When the dentist thinks they will have to go a little deeper for Lexie's tooth, Lexie bites off her finger.

Marx rejects their opinion and recommends an exorcism anyway. He wants them there since they all think he'll mimic a possessed soul. He needs them and their skeptical eyes.

Ben opens his computer at night to watch Leland and realizes that Leland sees him too. Leland leans forward and laughs right through into the camera.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

We cannot fall for a word that comes out of that fucker's mouth.


Marx: This came to us directly from the Cardinal. He has a new parishioner, a good man. He's been giving generously to the church, and he finally confessed why. In his youth, he allowed himself to become possessed.
Ben: Allowed himself?
Marx: Diabolical subjugation. He voluntarily submitted.
Ben: Pfft. To the devil?
David: In exchange for...