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Lila and Alex are on their computers while chatting on the phone watching zombie movies. They're sure they can survive the zombie apocalypse.

Just then, there is s sound outside. Was it zombies??

The girls got to investigate, but they find nothing. Kristen and the girls come out to make fun of them.

Once they're gone, they discover blood.

Father Mulvehill is presiding over class, discussing Lucifer. When he turns around to write on the board, there are two slashes of blood across his white shirt. David gently lets him know, and class is dismissed.

Father Mulvehill hasn't been himself lately. The blood manifests, the wounds heal, and rinse and repeat. He's been different -- angry, uninterested in prayer. David wants to conduct an assessment on him. What if he's been compromised during his exorcisms?

Lila and Alex are sleeping outside. There is something in Alex's room. Grabbing weapons, they go inside to investigate. The room is empty.

Alex's mom wants to know what the hell? She thought they were sleeping in the yard. The girls still hear zombies, but mom doesn't appear to, and the girls give up.

Lexis wants to know if dogs can be charged with murder, and Lila wants to have another sleepover. As long as she's not outside.

David calls Kristen for help with Father Mulvehill. When Kristen meets with him, he's uneasy. He's never been on the other side of one of these assessments.

Father Mulvehill says that secular people are interested in priests doing things like helping the homeless and protest nuclear weapons, but they're unnerved when priests start talking about angels, demons, and true evil.

Father Mulvehill wants to pass off his confusion as lack of sleep. Kristen says that he does seem troubled, so he should use the secular to cure the spiritual. He hesitates before launching into a story.

Before the seminary, he had an addiction. Nothing dramatic. Gambling. He gave it up completely when he was called to the priesthood. He never even considered it again. But now? He found a poker game on his phone, and like a whiff of a cigarette to a former smoker, he took the call and started gambling online.

He enjoys the anonymnity. He knows it's a problem, but he thinks he can kick it through willpower.

Kristen thinks it's an onset of mania. David thinks it's demonic. And Ben wants to look at his computer.

Alex and Lila are still curating their plan to conquer zombies. Don't hide in small spaces, they say, while realizing they are in a closet. Another noise; this time in the house. Time to investigate. It's Alex's dad, which has an open and bleeding wound.

Alex doesn't think that was her dad. She looked into his eyes, and that wasn't her dad.

Ben believes that Father Mulvehill has been targeted with internet advertising algorithms that push people toward their weaknesses.

Once Father Mulvehill leaves the room, Kristen wants to know what's up. Ben noticed that there were no emails. No spam, no trash. Ben's going to use the @ to see what he recently sent. D4power is the moniker. David is worried, but Ben persists.

The reply is a warning, to which Ben suggests they set up a meeting.

Later, Kristen is researching online, wondering how her advertising is targeting her wanderlust.

Lila wants to know if there are real monsters. Kristen says that real people do monstrous things.

Kristen is worried about the ads and asks Ben about them. She's rather defensive, asking why would she be targeted when she didn't so anything? As they're chatting, her firehead appears, rubbing himself and moaning, taunting her.

Ben finds the guy emailing Father Mulvehill. An enforcer he owes 40k in gambling debts.

Alex is worried about her dad. He just stares at the wall, not saying anything. CongoRun, an Amazon competition, is turning their workers into zombies.

They decide to visit a woman who helps with zombies. the mention of CongroRun spurs her into action. She creates a tincture for Alex to take home.

Slave drivers in the Congo concocted a story that ensured that their slaves, who thought their only way out was through death, wouldn't commit suicide for fear of becoming zombies. CongoRun does the same thing today.

There are two solutions. The blue tincture is for her dad. Add it to his food and don't tell him. The green is for the slave driver, who will reveal himself. They always do.

David confronts Father Mulvehill for his gambling debt. The man is defensive, but David won't ignore it. He won't go to the bishop as long as Father Mulvehill takes six months off and goes into a gambling program.

When Alex's dad is late for work and calls to tell them, he discovers there was a gas leak that sent all forty of them to the emergency room with permanent lung damage.

Alex and Lila feel triumphant and go in search of the slave driver.

Ben's computer pings in the middle of the night. It's Leland messaging someone. He's speaking with Father Mulvehill who is promising to make Leland's exorcism look real.

David visits with Sister Andrea. She rolls her eyes at the mention of Father Mulvehill. She thinks he's full of himself. He apparently rubs his exorcism kit with sandpaper to make it look worn. Something is amiss. David talks about the texting they discovered. She thinks they should go to Bishop Marx. When he says he promised he wouldn't, she said that was a dumb promise.

She decides to join them the next day for Leland's exorcism.

Her dad is hosting a worker meeting when the slave driver arrives. The girls spring into action as he warns them away from the union. They dose his gum with the green tincture.

Leland is excited about his exorcism when Sister Andrea arrives. She reveals she doesn't trust Father Mulvehill. Kristen and Ben arrive next.

Leland puts on quite a production, even screaming that he's melting. In the midst of the exorcism, Father Mulvehill fails to finish. Sister Andrea takes over, and David uses real Holy Water, which burns Leland's skin, sending him fleeing.

Kristen cannot believe it. David says it wasn't his doing. It was Sister Andrea's.

Another CongoRun exec visits Alex's dad. Alex isn't fired. Mr. Hamlin overstepped his bounds, and he was let go. Brandon is offered Mr. Hamlin's job, which is ten times the salary that he makes now.

Sister Andrea is scrubbing the floors. David has good news about Mr. Mulvehill, who is going on retreat. She says he'll be back just as proud as before. He wants her help to beat back Leland's demon. She says it was all David, not her at all. She had David toss ammonia on Leland.

Alex's dad can even work from home with his new job. Lila is so happy to see it, but she notices that he's no different than the slave driver.


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Evil Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: A lot of things are more simple than devils and diseases. What?
Kristen: We think you should take the month off.
Ben: What? No! I'm fine.
David: You were almost dead.
Ben: Come on. I was missing in the basement for 24 hours. It's nothing! Let's go.

I need your help. Father Mulvehill is having some issues. The exorcist might need an exorcism.