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David meets with Victor who gives him a windup toy. David wonders if it's a time bomb. Victor laughs. Victor wants David to slip it into a room and leave it there.

The toy is for Lexis's room, and David puts it back, swearing on Victor. Victor is adamant. That will help him to progress with the RSM Fertility Clinic. Lexis is being groomed by demonic forces to replace one of the aging sigils of the Povalia kodex. She needs to be observed and eventually stopped.

Victor compares Lexis to Hitler and other youths that started out loved.

David, Kristen, and Ben visit a doctor's presentation. He needs their help despite 500 interventions. The Yeshua People cult has been of interest and he believes one of them is possessed.

When they get to the motel, there are instructions not to cross the line drawn on the floor. People are hovering about outside of the room, and another watches.

The man's name is Owen. He doesn't look too good. Kristen decides to toe the line, and Owen begins rising. Kristen and Ben are appalled that Owen has been tied to the bed for two months. But the people outside are his parents, and even a court has granted the doctor temporary custody.

David begins speaking a different language, and the demon responds. The demon taunts David to step closer. When he does, Owen farts and laughs.

After they leave to research Yeshua, Kristen serves David and Ben her pop rocks margaritas. Kristen invites them both to dinner because the girls are super excited to see them.

The game they want to play is about dead people at a candled table. Sheryl is there, too.

The game is called either Killer or The Killer. People keep just saying they're dead. Only David and Lexis are still alive, and when she winks at David, David says he's dead.

The plumbing begins its haunting sounds. Earlier today, the plumbers asked the girls to leave their room, and David goes to investigate.

The girls have the Book of Contemporary Demons. He finds the windup toy in their room, so David takes it.

Kurt visits Sister Andrea and thanks her for not outing him in her session. He had an epiphany, and now he knows what he needs to do. Sister says, get baptized, and he says, write a book.

She pulls him into a room and gives him a bunch of pamphlets to read if he wants to write a book about a spiritual journey.

When Kurt goes to his car, Leland knocks on the window. He's heard Kurt wants to write a book and is happy to represent the darker side of the experience. Kurt rolls the window up in his face.

The assessors are visiting the cult. They're greeted with hugs before a woman starts presenting by breathing in the spirit and exhaling something starting with a D that isn't Deuteromy or Demon.

Kurt has writer's block as soon as he sits down.

David asks Kristen about Lexis, wondering if she's doing well considering her RSM Fertility beginnings.

A girl named Carsi tells David and Kristen they're the most beautiful people she's ever seen and leads them to Lily.

Ben recognizes someone there named Renee from the science club. He wonders what the fuck she's doing there. She's not a nut. It's only when Ben asks for her help that he discovers that she is Yeshua.

Yeshua wants them to know that life is never just one thing. It's God and Science. They struggle and fight, but... she calls Ben to the stage to help by defining quantum entanglement.

Ben still thinks it's a scam. He has a much different view of entanglement than she does.

Lily can't believe what happened to Owen. She says he was kidnapped by masked men.

David gets a call from Victor. He needs to leave now if they're to intervene with Lexis. But Ben is entangled with Renee. Even though he says he's fine, he doesn't realize that is the kind of tangled web she may be weaving.

Kristen is upset with David and his mysterious phone calls and will go with him on his errand.

Leland is visiting Kurt again to talk about Dante's Inferno and the Paradiso. There are 32 chapters in Dante's Inferno and only 12 in Paradiso because angels are boring.

Leland has a way to get Kurt out of his funk. A candle, 12 drops of blood on his keyboard, and sings to a colorful 45. Kurt does it without hesitation.

He's got the same turntable as me. Kurt is playing the record Alouette, but he's not singing. A demon demands he sing, so he does, and his left hand becomes demonic. The little girl was chasing a bird on the 45, but now, she's chopping it up.

Victor is angry that David took the item they planted from Lexis's room. They're annoyed that Kristen is bugging them, but then they let her in. They tell her what's going on, that David has refused to help them because he didn't want to betray her.

Victor gives her the scoop about Lexis being groomed. Leland was at the church so they could keep a close look on him. He explains what's going on with Leland, and Kristen gets upset, leaving to go hug her daughter. But she's waylaid since Lily went to the motel.

Ben and Renee slept together, but there's a bong, and she asks him not to freak out. She says there will be some blood. then she doubles over in pain. She speaks in tongues while the gong gets more furious and people start pounding on the door.

It's time for the sacrifice! They grab Ben.

Kurt is on the floor of his office, singing Alouette, saying help me muse, where are you? Leland pops up. Why are you bitching? He wants Kurt to chop off all of Sister Andrea's hair so the muse will return.

At the motel, a priest is performing an exorcism, and Lily is tied up in the bathroom. She thinks they're killing him. She screams that she loves him and tells him to fight it.

Ben calls. They hear a ruckus and Ben's grunts but nothing else.

Ben is trying to call them with his foot. A girl is screaming that she killed her mother when she was born. She begs to be released from her shame. Renee gives her a club, and the girl beats herself with it.

Renee tells him that he blames himself for her mother's death. His sister told Renee that in the science room. Everyone starts chanting guilt.

As he's trying to speak some sense into what's happening, Renee raises a massive blade before him. By the time David and Kristen arrive, he's outside in the rain, covered in blood. They killed a goat and poured its blood over him because religion.

When Kristen gets home, she holds a sleeping Lexis, crying into her hair.

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I had an experience, and it's thrown my life off course.


David: So, what does the entity want from me now? Cyanide pills?
Victor: Oh, David. I never tire of your teasing.