David Needs to Pray a Lot Harder - Evil
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Many have gathered at the bottom of the staircase to pray for Monsignor. David struggles to get through the crowd, and Andrea is crying. He then runs to see Grace, who is shocked at what happened. She thought he was coming for her, not Monsignor. Grace is to be taken to the Vatican for protection.

Monsignor's long-time friend and love arrives, weeping over his body.

Leland is listening to country music, capturing Monsignor's blood in a bucket. Then he goes to bed, seemingly to masturbate. Uh, gross.

Father Ignatius is ready to get to work. Kristen asks after him, and he's devastated and heartbroken. He's also committed. Matt would have wanted them to work twice as hard.

It seems he will be their new assessment manager. The first case he pulls is Kristen's neighbor. Weird.

Miss Gibson answers the door. She's shocked to see Kristen at the door. Kristen says her house is so beautiful.

Sheila says they started recording things about two weeks ago. It's the noise from her toilet. They're hearing it from many directions, and it sounds quite frightening, growling and whatnot. The final place they visit is that blood was coming out of her faucet about a month ago.

Once Sheila reveals the eyeball in her toilet, both Kristen and Ben have things to share with David and each other. Ben admits he's seen the eyeball, and David wonders if it's from her place or Sheila's. Andy never told Kristen about the shrunken head.

When she's in the girls' room, they come in all talking at once, and she wants them to clean that room or they cannot talk with dad in 30 minutes.

Lynn says that Laura hears scary things from the neighbor, too. Crystal makes oooo noises, and Laura says when she says she's not scared, the girl says to go to the kitchen and get a glass, and she'll make it break.

Kristen wants to get to the bottom of it, so she takes a coffee cake to Sheila. That's when Kristen finds out that Sheila doesn't have a daughter.

It's time for a video call with Andy. Sheryl walks in, prepping to say how sorry she is for their loss. Edward answers the phone, and he delivers the bad news after Kristen shuffles the girls out of the room.

He tells Kristen that Andy died in an R3 avalanche. Meanwhile, Laura says that Andy isn't dead because Grace said he'd be back on Thursday. Sheryl tries to rally them to pizza, but they want to try contacting Leland. Edward really piles it on thick.

Lexis is very smart. She knows that Leland is behind it. When they start talking to Leland, you can hear the pop pop pop behind with Edward.

Sheryl says that the girls are onto him, and Leland just laughs uncontrollably after dropping Andy's feet on the ground. They start singing about kids, spin around and take Andy back into the little room.

There is a note on screen that if I skip the opening, I will be haunted.

Kristen didn't believe the girls. She's on the phone with David. There isn't any news of an avalanche and none of her climbing friends have heard anything. David tells Kristen that sometimes, even pretending to believe in God is comforting.

As David kneels to pray for Andy, Demon Kristen annoys David. When he screams for her to get out, Sister Andrea is nearby.

Laura talks with Ben.

Kristen prays to god, and when there is a knock at the door, she flies down the stairs, hoping her prayers were answered. It's David. They'll be next door.

The next knock at the door is Andy. She's thrilled. Andy has no idea what happened or why Edward said he was dead.

When he looks at Grace's drawing, Andy remembers and falls to the ground. Sheryl erases it.

Kristen's eyes are as big as saucers when Andy embraces Sheryl. Something isn't right.

Sister Andrea knocks at David's door with mosquito net. Humor me, she says.

Kristen wakes to an empty bed. She finds him in the addition, just standing there.

He says he's trapped, and when they look to the left, there is a phrase written on the wall. Everyone gathers for to understand it.

When the girls arrive, the Sister is like, what the hell? She wants to check over the house, and she starts with the garage.

Sheryl's demon is hanging around, and Sister Andrea beats with a shovel. Lynn wants to talk about being a nun. Andrea smashes demons only she can see, and Lynn takes it in stride.

There are demons all over the place.

While Lynn talks about wanting a mission in her life since she doesn't feel the same as other girls her age, six more demons run outside in fear of the Sister.

Andrea says the demon she sees in David's room is a mosquito and using the net is the only way to keep it from sucking the life out of him.

After all that stuff about Kristen's egg, the news comes that her egg is still out there. She gets a business address for the anonymous sale.

Kristen cannot believe that Lynn wants to talk to Sister Andrea and responds with "the fuck you are!" She refuses to allow one of her daughters to fall to the patriarchy.

Father Ignatius doesn't believe in God, so much. He doesn't think they're united with loved ones at the end, and he lied to Monsignor about what he saw when he died.

David gets back to his room to find Kristen. First, he tells her he's not interested, and then he fondles her face. It's only when she asks what he's doing that David realizes she's really Kristen.

They discuss how much they miss each other and how they started the year on the wrong foot. Kristen stopped believing in God when she prayed continually that her parents wouldn't get divorced.

She is freaked out about having her prayer for Andy's return answered. She wonders if she's supposed to believe something that she can't believe in. But she promised God that if Andy came home, she'd take the girls to mass every Sunday. She doesn't want to. She doesn't like religious people other than David.

He's got a parable about a man who prayed for a parking space, promising to change his life if he got one. The guy says never mind when a space opens up.

David puts up with mosquito net, and Demon Kristen pouts outside of it.

Kristen calls Andy about making a doctor's appointment. When they hang up, he hears noises and leaves to investigate.

Kristen is at DF, the address of her egg.

Andy keeps looking for the source of the noise, which takes him to the wipe off board which Sheryl wiped off. He looks out into the addition with a strange look on his face.

David is praying.

Kristen is shocked to find Sheryl working at DF.

In the addition, there are about a dozen demons around the demon baby, which is in a cradle. One of the demons is Sheryl's boss. Kurt is there and calls the baby beautiful.

David gets a vision. She says, "Thirty-eight days, whoa to Babylon."

Kristen is shocked to see that they're celebrating a woman's pregnancy. It's Leland's baby, and looking directly at Kristen, he says, "We're gonna be parents."

The books closes, and Angels is revealed. Out steps the Angel of the Beginning, David's angel.

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Evil Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

People think they're being helpful when they take work away from a mourner. They're not. I need work more than anything right now.

Father Ignatius

I thought he was coming for me, not His Eminence. I've never been so blind before. Don't stop. He'll come for you next.