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Molly heads back up to space to stop the Seraphim from hitting earth and John realizes that Odin's plan puts Ethan in grave danger on the season 1 finale. 

Ethan is confused about Molly's real son and himself.

Molly uses Danny Algorithm 5 to help her see things clearly on the Seraphim.

When Ethan wants to side with Odin over his family, John is forced to do whatever he can to talk him off the ledge.

Molly successfully fights her way past Katie, but Katie then tricks Sean into thinking "Katie" has taken on Molly's form to trick him. Nightmare.

John has no idea what the hell is inside Ethan's back.

Circles is at the ISEA and he has an odd effect on all the people in the building. They are frozen as he walks past.

John tells Ethan that he has something inside of him that could explode and hurt a lot of people. Additionally, it cannot be removed. 

Suddenly Molly is thrust into a dream world, but she knows it's really Sean coming her way and not Marcus. She jams a needle into his neck.

Ethan realizes that Circles cannot do something to his brain and he's free from his brother's actions.

Ethan reaches his mother on the Seraphim and tries to help Molly. Ben won't allow Molly to launch and Ethan decides to overheat to achieve human temperature so that he can save his mother. 

Ethan suggests his brother run and then he explodes.

Five days later Molly and Sam are talking. She knows Circles made it out alive.

Ethan survived. He transcended.

A family picks up Circles and drives away.



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