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Molly, Kern and Kryger work together to find her baby. Kryger has doubts about Kern's dedication.

Sparks wants to eliminate Molly. He calls her a threat to the offspring. Yasumoto does not agree.

Yasumoto has a substance that sustains him, apparently from space, in the mines. He's running out. He thinks the entity will provide it for them.

Sparks calls his ex wife, Anya.

Ethan is missing, with his bike. Kids hurt him.

Sparks goes against Yasumoto's wishes and tells Kern to eliminate Molly.

When Ethan asks Julie what his function is, she tells him they made him so he can find his own function. That's why he's special.

Charlie questions Odin's background and Julie isn't pleased.

The baby has created a fog inside its incubator. Sparks sends someone in. He disappears.

Molly says they're not scrubbing the mission. 

Kryger worries for all of their safety.

Molly leaves John a message -- she's going after the baby even if it means she dies.

Ethan walks by in his muddy shoes. He's rebelling!

Sparks is angry all of his plans aren't going ... according to plan.

The baby uses his symbol to turn people on each other -- people who are threatening Molly.

Kern goes after Sparks, but Sparks shoots Molly. Except it's Katie. Because -- the baby.




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Extant Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm sorry. It made me flush my mother into space, it ain't the baby Jesus!


They're treating an alien intelligence far beyond our comprehension like a lab rat.