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Molly learns more details about her mysterious pregnancy when Sam gives her an ultrasound. 

Alan Sparks seems unsure whether to trust Sam giving him the results of Molly's physical. 

Molly and Ethan try to reconnect.

John has his hands full at the new lab with Ms. Dodd, the woman with whom John bantered about God at his presentation to Yasumoto's board.

Molly has pains in her abdomen and Marcus appears in the living room. Ethan finds her on the floor with a 5-ringed symbol appearing in relief on her belly under her sweater.

Ethan is the hero at the museum when he stands tall in front of a raging elephant.

Sam comes to the museum to chat about things and Molly tells her about Harmon. He had a brain abnormality after his time on the Seraphim and Molly has the same.

Sam agrees to give Molly an ultrasound off the books.

Molly accesses Harmon's cam footage from his time on the Seraphim. Harmon is barricading the door. Someone knows shes watching and "Ben" is directed to terminate the session.

Molly removes her "tether" which monitors her medical information from the roof of her mouth. She runs out of the building to find Harmon waiting for her in a moving car.

Sparks wants to give her a little more rope.

Harmon is living in an RV on a cliff by the ocean. He and Molly discuss who they saw on the Seraphim.

Running from someone in space is a pain in the ass. 

Molly tries to talk away the visions as part of their brain abnormalities. Harmon thinks they were being experimented on.

Molly shares what she and Harmon saw with Sam. Sam gives her an ultrasound and believes the baby is human.

Sparks arrives home to Molly standing in his driveway. She tells him she is 14 weeks pregnant and that 14 weeks ago she was in space, alone. What did they do to her? He wonders if she's sure.

Sparks convincingly assures Molly he and the agency didn't do anything to her, but if it was someone at the agency he will find out.

Yasumoto doesn't just think we've "found them" but that they're already here. Sparks realizes they're way out of their depth without a plan. Yasumoto says they're honoring Katie's sacrifice. She was Spark's daughter.

Yasumoto has a nifty gismo that measures his life expectancy. It's made of wood.

John is angry with Molly for missing their dinner. 

Ethan seems sure that the family will be safe in space, from extinction.


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