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Molly uncovers footage that may lead her to the reason that she was chosen for the solo mission. 

Ethan has a dream, but he's not been programmed for dreams. 

John gives Molly some material like what is in Ethan's ears to help her discover what Sam might be keeping from her.

It works. Sam is lying and Molly caught it on tape.

Harmon Kryger is burning off his fingerprints and stealing a new set from Kern.

When Kern tries to get into the building, he sets off the alarms. Kryger came in and stole the Arona transmission right from the main frame.

Sparks fraks with Sam because he thinks she's in on whatever Kryger did and so is Molly.

The bald dude saw a dead woman telling him to release Molly's baby.

Ethan saw the symbol on Molly's belly and it was moving. It was what formed his nightmares.

Julie was apologizing to John and he ran out to go track Molly and Kryger. Kern's on his way too.

Molly panics and leaves the park. Molly calls Sam and says to tell Sparks he can find Kryger at the Camden Library.

Molly intercepts Kryger as Kern heads to the library.

Oden goes to visit Julie.

Kryger thinks someone sent that symbol to them on the Seraphim as some sort of distress signal.

Kern uses electrical paddles on Kyrger's head. That can't be good.

John tries to decrypt a file, but Ethan says he's playing it wrong. Of course he decrypts it.

The file is Katie Sparks. A virus has entered the system and the passengers with her had the symbol and turned on each other. Katie thinks the others are trying to get in and will kill her. She's going to deploy an escape pod into deep space to save humanity. She had the symbol and was also pregnant.

Sparks didn't want the mission to end and that's why he never told anyone the truth about the Aruna and the Seraphim being in space at the same time.

Sparks is a despicable pig.

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Extant Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Do not recover the ship! I repeat, do not recover the ship!


I was the bait! And if they went that far, the baby is still alive.