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Molly and her family head to a remote island with her estranged father, Quinn.

Yasumoto visits a lab where two apparent Russian gentlemen are working on stabilizing the compound found in a meteor. Why or where is unknown. Yasumoto wants the man to take his mask off. He does and moments later is bleeding from the eyes and collapses.

Sam is being held in a room and wants to go home -- or at least go to the bathroom to dump Molly's blood sample. 

Yasumoto says it's imperative that nobody gets information about the DNA in Molly. His attempt to create the life sustaining substance didn't work. Yasumoto wants both Molly and Sam "taken care of."

Quinn's dog, Gus, snarls at Molly and bites her. Molly wonders about her father's sobriety and he wonders why she wants his science gear and only showed up with one duffel bag for three people.

Molly is close to the stars because her mother's name was Maya and she told the story of Zeus and the creation of the stars.

Someone meets up with Quinn and Ethan on the beach. 

While Molly and John set up a DNA isolator, Yasumoto creates an entire lab.

Sam and Sparks argue, with the latter pretending to care about both Sam and Molly. Sam apparently took care of her brother by saving him from prison after he killed someone. She changed his identity and made sure he took medication. Sparks threatens his life.

All Sam has to do to ensure her brother's safety is help Molly. 

Sparks team is a "go" and the man who was on the beach is a part of that team.

Quinn and Ethan are in town, unsafe.

When John draws Molly's blood, Marcus appears, "don't let me go." He's a bit in her face, to be honest.

Quinn is wagering on Ethan and finally does a shot. Ethan feels uncomfortable with the pressure and the sudden anger at the game and doesn't want to play anymore. Sparks' dude, Kern, is in the bar. When they get back to the house, they argue. Ethan is taken.

Quinn has to admit he "snapped" at Ethan in the bar. John and Molly head out to find Ethan. When he screams, the mean man from the ocean opens Ethan's back and puts in a probe and shuts down Ethan.

When the police learn Ethan is a humanic, they step away. John tries to use logic but ends up punching the Sherff before being arrested.

Molly finds Ethan and a helicopter hovers overhead.

For some reason, Quinn is arrested with John. 

Molly wakes up. She's in Yasumoto's lab. She is injected and when the tech leaves the lab, the rings on her stomach dance. She escapes and breaks into a room where they are waiting for her. It looks like she's on a submarine.

Sparks is at Quinn's in the garage. She sees the DNA isolator. Just before we see the DNA results, we shift back to a ship that Molly is on. They're lasering into her stomach.

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