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When a model stabs himself in the eye on a self-mutilation website, the team thinks he may be the key to shutting down the Babylon portal. Turns out his assistant was responsible for meting out that justice and now Tommy and Yeager want him to hand over the bitcoin wallet he uses for Babylon so they can have access.

During her investigation, Lindy comes across a picture of her sister in a prostitution ad and it has her old case file attached to it. The Flirtual killer placed it there and he has Lindy follow a succession of clues inside the Cyber Crimes Unit. Each clue sheds light on her past and makes her realize she was always a pawn of the CCU. Despite his involvement in the treachery, Ben always had Lindy's best interest at heart and truly fell in love with her. In fact, he had her arrested to save her from a worse fate at the hands of Tommy and the Sarge. The hardest truth to deal with is learning that the Sergeant has witheld information about Sara for years. Flirtual shows up at the station to drop the last few truth bombs on Lindy himself. He wants her to know that they don't love her the way he does and then he disappears.

Lindy confronts Tommy and he tells her the only thing the Sargeant has told him is that there was a case about a man who abducted girls and she thought Sara could be part of it. Lindy tells him she's done with Cyber Crime and with him.

Tessa is wearing Lindy's clothes and dating her Flirtual matches. The last scene shows her greeting the killer and asking if he wants a drink.



Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Doesn't it creep you out a bit that the killer hasn't killed anyone recently?


Lindy: We need to hack the Cyber Crimes Unit.
George: I love it when you talk dirty to me.