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The episode opens with a poor teen being told he won't feel a thing as his gurney is wheeled down a hospital corridor. Even though I'll be awake for the brain surgery? he asks and the nurse offers up kind assurance. The audience doesn't buy it. We know this doesn't bode well and we flinch, knowing somehow it's a lie.  

Our fears are answered when alarms start ringing and the kid's entire surgical staff passes out, leaving him alone, brain exposed. 

Lindy attempts to cook for Jake, but it's inedible. Fortunately for the two of them, two things happen. One--Jake cancels. Two--Tommy shows up on Lindy's doorstep asking for a favor.

Turns out the fainting neurosurgeon, Dr. Wells, is an old girlfriend of Tommy's. The machinery in her ICU has been going wonky for a couple weeks and it seems likely that someone on the inside is hacking the equipment and causing life-threatening malfunctions.  

Lindy goes into the hospital and pinpoints the origin of the problem, but rather than bug out like she's supposed to, she convinces George to falsify her bloodwork in order to land her in the ICU...with neural-syphillis. 

Once admitted, she befriends Erika, a young woman dying from heart and liver failure. She seems to have accepted her fate, but her boyfriend, Mark, has not. 

Lindy manages to upload some suspicious files to George before she's cornered by Doctor Murphy for a spinal tap. She realizes her ruse has gone too far,  but intends to just suck it up when Tommy shows up pretending to be her overly concerned--and mildly pissed off--fiancee. Fortunately, Lindy avoids the needle thanks to a catty Dr. Wells.

Nurse Lawrence Kennedy is introduced as a red herring just before Erika's heart monitor goes into total shutdown, killing her. Whoever is raging against the machines has just committed their first murder. 

Mark, being the boyfriend, is next to hit the top of the suspect list. It doesn't help that he works for Nexago Solutions, a company that designs antivirus software.

Complete computer chaos attacks the fourth floor! The moment Erika's name was entered as "deceased" into the system the bug propagated and attacked all the machines attached to the server room.

It seems that Erika, along with Mark's unwitting help, was the architect of the virus and her own demise. The other malfunctions were all beta-tests for her own death. Mark's been hunting for a kill switch, one she apparently swallowed.   

That means Lindy and Tommy must head for Toe Tag Town. There's only one way to shut down the virus and that's going to involve a Y cut. In the morgue, Lindy panics when she sees a Jane Doe. Flipping back the sheet she's relieved to find it's not her baby sister. 

You can learn anything off the internet and that goes for autopsies too! The always helpful George feeds Tommy instructions, even sends him some helpful, bloody video, but the cop can't bring himself to make the incision. Lindy takes his hand and suggests they make the cut together. How romantic! 

Thankfully, Yeager did what most normal people would do, he found a doctor who could do the digging for them.

Too bad there's an unknown authorization code needed for the kill switch. Mark, Tommy and Lindy come up blank...but someone else has a good idea. The Flirtual Stalker  has been watching all the drama via security cameras and he texts Lindy asking if she'd like his help. She reluctantly agrees and he manages to give her the right answer. System reboot. Lives saved. And somehow, you know, that's going to cost Lindy.

Our Flirtual narrator doesn't like that Lindy is looking at "him" like she didn't want his help. He doesn't want her to let him down, he has such high hopes for her. 

When Lindy returns home she finds a gift waiting on her doorstep. She's hesitant to open it, fearing it's from Flirtual. Instead it's an apology gift from Jake that leaves her smiling and on a hard day like today, that says a lot. Let's hope her hope isn't misplaced.


Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Wells: Is she good? Better than you?
Tommy: Some of the time.

Tommy: Where's Lindy?
George: Lindy? I don't know.... Whoooo dat? Whooo dat?