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After someone posts an online ad telling the world everything Tommy owns is up for grabs, the cop manages to save his missing pooch, while learning an old nemesis--Bubonic--has returned.

Just as Connor was getting some recognition for his Flirtual Killer articles, Hamish takes over. Fortunately, Connor has a second date with Oliver to soothe his soul. They eat at a blackout restaurant and while Connor is in the little boys room the serial killer decides to slay his date as revenge for the nasty articles he's written about him and Lindy.  Fortunately, for poor unsuspecting Oliver, our killer doesn't have any impulse control and gets easily distracted by a woman with a heinous laugh. He slits her throat and serves her tongue on a plate. 

This, of course, inspires Hamish to throw a serial killer party. Cause, why not? And the cops wire the club to the hilt hoping to catch the murderer.

Then things take an unexpected turn. Bubonic, a famed hacker who went bad after the cops caused him to lose the only person he ever loved, has invited the partygoers to play a sick game for the chance of winning a cool mill. Only it's not so cool, because the demands start off silly and simple like "kiss your neighbor" and "lick the sole of a shoe" (yuck!), but take a sinister turn when players are told to punch each other, to cut off a finger and to rob one another. 

While this chaos is erupting, Lindy tells Jake about her so-called-crazy-life and he's rewarded by being handcuffed to a bomb. If they don't find a way to diffuse it, not only will his pretty face go boom, so will everyone else's. This of course requires Lindy to put her life on the line and save the day, which she does. Naturally. But not before having a face-to-face chat with Bubonic. She knew him once upon a time because she had planned to work for him before he went all hack attack. She doesn't share this private discussion with Tommy because Bubonic told her to be wary of the cops and what they hid from her. 

Speaking of hiding something, Hamish was hiding that he was in on the whole Bubonic plague party. That's right, he and Bubonic were in cahoots and he's telling the famed hacker he owes him one. 

Finally, poor Oliver returns to the club to retrieve his phone and he's noose-tied and dragged up to the rafters, but not before he told the others that their killer smells like an earthy, grassy perfume or oil. Not only did he smell the killer at the blackout restaurant, he sniffed him out at the Bubonic party too. 

Double the trouble, double the fun 

Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

My date turned into a threeway with a madman.


Tommy: You said the woman had an annoying laugh.
Connor: Newsflash, that's called being from New Jersey.