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Lindy goes to pick up her sister, after days of absence. She's worried about her. Sara is 16 and hanging with the wrong crowd. They lost their mother and need to lean on each other. It's raining heavily and Lindy wonders if Sara has eaten lately. They're eating.

As Lindy waits in the fast food line, Sara stands under an awning after she took a break to pee. A van pulls up and grabs Sara. Lindy is virtually trapped inside her car in the line and by the time she climbs through the window to get to her sister, who is fighting to remain outside the van, it's too late. The van speeds off.

Three years later and Lindy is speaking with someone about her own loss. It's set up as if they're in the same room, but the screen shows it's likely she's speaking with is online. Her friend pokes at her -- management is on the move!

Today's the day. Six months. She made it. Lindy's coworker looks into Julia Becker's whereabouts. Or are we seeing her through the eyes of her killer? The way he's talking, he seems like a killer. He's upset she has crooked teeth. She didn't smile fully in her photos, clearly tricking him. He plunges a wine opener into her throat.

He used to need to go out to find the juiciest, grade A prime victims, but not anymore, because he has the internet. He'll make them all pay; one by one.

When Lindy arrives at her destination, a guy is there. She remembers back to meeting him dancing; Ben. He was a cop who stopped her from tracking down the gang of people who might have taken her sister. He thinks if he hadn't stopped her, she'd be dead. He removes an ankle bracelet from her and says she's free to go.

Lindy goes to see her roommate Sophia at the bar where she works. Sophia isn't pleased she saw Ben, because she thinks Lindy needs to fill that part of her heart in order to move on. They drink and talk big dreams.

Lindy goes home and wonders more about Julia.

Lindy and Sophia are on their way to the bar. Sophia wants to sign her up for a software on the phone. She calls her Eye Candy. Sophia thinks it's a good way to find out what guys are selling before they come to Lindy, but the app is incredibly invasive.

A dude named Connor is there. Lindy and Connor share Sophia as a best friend. He takes a gander at "Flirtual" and lets her know how to maneuver through it. It takes her a nanosecond to meet her first guy. 

Reece imports cars, expensive ones. Another dude, Jake, has a killer accent. The final is a pediatrician.

As Lindy walks outside, she runs into a detective. He tells her just because Ben still loves her doesn't mean he won't do his job. 

As she's walking down the sidewalk, someone pings her. Says it was nice meeting her. Wonders who she wishes it would be. Is watching her from the street camera. When she gets home and hacks into the system to see who it was, she discover someone was spying on her through her computer camera. She throws the image back at him and it's incredibly disturbing. She thinks it's one of the guys she met off of Flirtual.

Jake's a real sweetheart. Sophia is worried enough to bring Ben in on the deal. Oooh, Lindy is going to be angry! She's putting games onto the guys's phones so she'll be able to spy on them. When Ben realizes what's really going down, he tosses a towel over his shoulder, assumes the role of bartender and keeps an eye on her.

Lindy's buddy from work picks her up and they check in on the "games" on the guys phones. One phone shows her face. She realizes someone has the wrong phone. The pediatrician is dead, with her phone jammed in his mouth in a park. What the hell?!

Ben comes over, insistent he's staying with her until they know she'll be safe. He gets a shower, but when he comes out, she's gone. He draws his gun and starts a frantic search. Lindy is on the roof, having left the window open and everything. She's not the most pragmatic when it comes to her safety. She needed some air.

It's obvious Ben and Lindy have never stopped caring about each other and they begin to make love. Later they start talking about the sky, stars and billions of people. She wishes somewhere out there one of them is her sister. She wonders if she never finds her. Ben doesn't want her to think of that. He's sure somebody saw her, knew her, cared for her. "Killed her," says Lindy.

Ben checks in with Lindy. He's on Reece and switching shifts in an hour. He'll pick her up. Lindy gets a msg on her computer at work with camera views. There is someone in there and she's panicked. She calls Ben and tells him. She calls Sophia, but she's at the club. Lindy realizes the video was a recording the Ben was the intended victim. Lindy's cab gets stuck and she races home. When she gets there, she sees exactly what Ben did when he got there. A dummy in front of the window. But now it's holding a computer, and on the computer is Ben.

He tells her it will take just one to show her the way after the computer says she'll never get to say it if she doesn't now, she says she loves him. She runs to the roof and he's dead. 

Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

You and Ben have that kind of love that steals a piece of your heart and hone until you fill it with it with somebody new, you're just gonna keep going back for more.


Lindy: What are you doing here?
Ben: I thought I should be the one to clear you.
Lindy: Because you're the reason I'm here in the first place?
Ben: At least this way you had to see me.