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After a couple rents an apartment through Virtual Slumber so they can have a romantic weekend,  they wake from a drugged state the following morning to learn he's been brutally whipped, but she was left untouched. The guy happens to be an old intern of Jake's and he doesn't want to go to the police because he's up for the job of a life time and fears this could ruin his chance. So Jake asks Lindy if she can look into the mystery. His kisses prove persuasive and Flirtual watches and feels betrayed. 

There's a new Brit in town. Her name is Tessa, she's a boarding school mate of Sophia's and she's in town for a visit. She's been traveling the world, but wants to bunk with the girls for a time. Sophia can't help wonder why her friend seems so different and has morphed into a party girl. I can't help wonder why she's really there? 

George and Lindy get their hack on and discover the apartment the couple stayed in has hidden cameras feeding a website called Dolls House. The voyeuristic website allows you to watch people all over the city or purchase someone to play with. So freakin' creepy. It seems Jake's friend is a major himbo and his girlfriend sought revenge at the end of a whip, while being knocked out so she couldn't be blamed. 

Lindy sets herself up as bait and tries to get Sophia and Tessa to leave town for the weekend. Instead the ladies end up hanging in Cyber Crimes while the sting is going down. Tessa shares that she's been buggy because her parents are divorcing after twenty years and she convinces Sophia to Carpe Yeager. He says he'd more than like to, but work makes it a no-no.

Meanwhile, Jake and George have their own stakeout going on and Jake is none too happy with what he's sees on the video monitors. 

Lindy and Tommy are playing undercover couple again, but Yaeger has to call Jake and remind him they're being watched aka "you're even boring me, dude." So Tommy whispers as much to Lindy before kissing her. She's into it for a bit, but then uncomfortably pulls away and suggests they go to bed and not in a let's get it on kinda way. 

While Lindy brushes her teeth in the bathroom, a heavy mouthbreather watches her from the opposite side of the mirror and Tommy  semi-passes out from poison on his pillow. Uh-oh! A masked man rushes in and Lindy does her best to fend him off, but he knocks her out and drags her to a basement where it looks like he's going to brand her with an X. 

Fortunately, Tommy quickly finds the hidden exit from their room and manages to rescue her despite his still groggy state. As for Jake, he's pissed times two. One, because Tommy let Lindy get taken and two, because he ends up being her rescuer and not him.

Back at the precinct, the perp reveals that he never intended to burn Lindy. He was just paid to badly scare her and deliver a message. He doesn't know who his client is, but was told that she would. Flirtual, of course, also says that  he has the power to harm her, but he never would, never could. Yet she broke his heart. 



Eye Candy
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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

People sweat a liter of water into their mattress every night. That's practically a water bed.


Tessa: Let me guess, you're here for Lindy.
George: Eh, that's negotiable.
Tessa: I'm Tessa.
George: I'm, uh, impressa.