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On this week's episode of Fairly Legal:

- Kate mediates between Marsden Technologies and their employee Marcus. Marcus is being fired and refuses to turn over the prototype he created. When mediation goes poorly Marcus heads to the roof and threatens to jump.

- Kate talks Marcus down but he still refuses to turn over the prototype and is arrested. She gets the prototype back and negotiates a new contract for Marcus only to find out that the prototype doesn’t work.

- Marsden agrees to hire Marcus back and give him more time to fix the prototype. Kate encourages Marcus to get a good attorney to look over his new contract.

- Lauren’s friend Valerie needs help. Valerie found out that her first husband, Nick never filed their divorce papers. Now Valerie and her new husband can’t adopt a child. Lauren finds Nick and convinces him to sign. The odd pairing of Valerie and Nick reminds her of she and Teddy.

- Leo uses his girlfriend Kim, the sandwich girl as a model when he enters a contest to create a new superhero for a graphic novel.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Kate: Oh. Is that poison?
Justin: It's decaf.
Kate: Are you trying to kill me?

How'd ya like THEM apples?