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-Judge Nicastro tells Kate she must mediate the case between the Sabatino brothers by 9am the next morning or risk being thrown in jail for contempt of court.

-Kate is pulled in to mediate a case for the Croatian consulate. A grandmother wants to take her granddaughter, Veronika back to Croatia permanently since the girl's mother has died. The step-father is furious and wants custody. Upset, Veronika runs away.

-Kate is late for Justin's award ceremony and he is furious. When Justin asks what's wrong she tells him that she's pregnant, then heads back to the consulate.

-Leonardo manages to mediate the Sabatino brothers dispute over their parking spaces. Once Veronika is found, Kate mediates an agreement between the step-father and grandmother.

-David Smith shows up at Reed & Reed and Lauren is livid to find out that Kate has hidden his identity from her. Lauren offers to buy David out, she then fires Kate.

-The doctor calls and tells Kate that she isn't pregnant. Kate tells Justin. He gets upset and tells her he was going to suggest they stay married because of the child. Now that there is no child he realizes that he spends half his time loving Kate and the other half wishing they had never met. He tells her they're through.

-Kate plans to take Teddy's ashes out to sea. Leonardo tells her that he's packing up their office but Kate assures him that she'll be back.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Trust me those guys haven't been happy since before there was manned space flight.


Kate: I don't wear a watch.
Judge Nicastro: That explains a lot.