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A simple case evolves into a lot more on this installment of Fairly Legal.

-It’s been six months since Justin and Kate filed for divorce. Justin wants to talk over the details of the agreement but Kate can’t handle the conversation and flees.

-Kate mediates the case of Sophia Pena. An illegal immigrant, Sophia used Claudia Evans social security # to join the military where she was then wounded in Afghanistan. When the real Claudia Evans finds out she has Sophia arrested and she is to be deported.

-Kate uses information Justin gave her in confidence to get the attorney to move up Sophia’s court hearing. Justin is furious.

-Lauren helps defend Sophia in court. The judge allows Sophia to stay in the country and file for citizenship because she is a military hero and agrees to make amends to Claudia for the identity theft.

-Leo finds information on David Smith. He spent twelve years in prison for embezzlement. Teddy Reed was his attorney and due to a mistake on Teddy’s part, Smith got a much harsher sentence than expected.

-Kate tries to make amends with Justin by seducing him. He stops her. He says he can’t continue pretending their relationship isn’t broken. They either need to fix it or end it. Kate looks heartbroken.

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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Kate: Leo big. Spider small.
Leo: That's how they get in your ear.

Why are you breathing heavy? It's too early for that kind of call.