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Kate's best friend Julie comes to Reed & Reed for a standard prenuptial agreement this week... but it ends up not being so standard.

-Kate's best friend Julie asks her to mediate the terms of her prenuptial agreement that her father, Joseph is insisting upon.

-Eric, Julie's fiance claims to be an orphan but Leo finds out his mother is alive. Turns out Eric felt so guilty about putting his mother in a nursing home that he's lied to Julie about it for months.

-Julie and Eric argue. Joseph gets in the middle and Kate ends up hitting Joseph. Joseph fires Reed & Reed.

-Kate convinces Julie to forgive Eric. Eric offers his services as a designer to help build a website for Joseph's business. Julie and Eric finally marry with Joseph's blessing.

-David Smith embezzled $20,000 a month over five months. Teddy Reed started Reed & Reed one month later with $100,000. Kate assumes that her father took the money from David to start the company.

-Leo's collectible figurines are missing. He institutes an all out search. Turns out Kim took them to have the artist sign them. Leo asks her out for lunch.

-Justin is hurt when he realizes Kate's ring tone for him is the Tin Man.  They agree that they need to talk about their relationship.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Leo: Hey, hey, Bens. Have you guys seen my scary girl figures? The ones that I keep on my desk.
Ben: You mean your dolls?

The Tin Man is the hottest guy on the yellow brick road plus he has an ax and he knows how to use it.