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On the second episode of Fairly Legal...

- Justin asks Kate to mediate the high profile case of Steve Jenks.  Steve was wrongly convicted of causing the death of a convenience store owner during a robbery.  He served 22 years before he was exonerated.

- Steve’s attorney is asking for $20 million.  The State is offering $2.4 million but Kate quickly realizes they have a bigger concern.  Steve is not adjusting to life on the outside.  He has no friends or family.  Steve eventually loses it and vandalizes the convenience store with a baseball bat with Kate’s help.  Kate is relieved he's finally coming to terms with his anger.

- Both Kate and Steve are arrested.  Justin is furious but Kate comes up with a compromise.  The State buys the large lot the convenience store sits on and builds a community center.  Steve can help run the center and gets a salaried job.  This way the State can use the money to help the community and Steve can start a new life.  All parties agree.

- After postponing it twice, Kate finally shows up for the reading of her father’s will.  The estate is split equally:  a quarter to Kate, a quarter to her brother Spencer, a quarter to her father’s wife Lauren, and a quarter to David Smith.  No one knows who David Smith is.

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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You almost hit that guy on the bike because you were sniffing your coffee.


Her time is not more valuable than mine, Spencer. In fact it's worth a lot less.