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On the latest episode of Fairly Legal:

- Kate mediates between an insurance company and a man who was hit by a truck. Richard survived his injuries but his wife claims he is not the man he was before the accident and the insurance company needs to compensate for that.

- When Kate highlights his wife’s unhappiness with his personality changes, Richard thinks their marriage may be over. Kate manages to show them that this can be a new beginning for the two instead of an ending. When the insurance company is confronted with witnesses to Richard’s change in behavior, they come back with a better settlement.

- David Smith signs his inheritance over to Kate but wants all contact to go through his attorney. Leo tracks down David. Kate confronts him but he won’t tell her what his relationship was with Teddy or why he signed his portion of the estate over to her.

- Kate spends the night at Justin’s and notices a naked man on the balcony directly across from his apartment. Justin wants to call the police but Kate tries to talk to the man. Unfortunately, he still parades around in the nude.

- Justin finds the man’s phone number and calls him while standing naked on his own balcony. The man finally gets the point and agrees to put his clothes on when Justin is home.

- A rival attorney tells Lauren that she is incapable of running Reed & Reed and she should turn the business over to another firm. Lauren refuses and asks the woman to leave.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Justin: Did you know that in San Francisco it's not illegal to be naked as long as you're not trying to arouse yourself or others?
Kate: Well I thought that was the whole point of being naked.

You should always assume I have your best interest at heart, even if I don't. It will make both our lives much easier.