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A singer seeks Kate's help to cash in on a lucrative offer for use of his song in a commercial on this episode of Fairly Legal.

-Kate mediates an agreement between the members of the defunct band Ultravinyl. She soon finds out this isn’t about a licensing agreement. Turns out Paul is the real father of Mac and Sheri’s now teenage son Brandon. Paul is dying and wants contact with his son.

-When Paul agrees to sign over all rights to their song to Brandon, Mac and Sheri realize he’s changed and agree to see him. Brandon comes along to watch Paul play one of his last gigs at a coffee bar.

-Kate and Justin are being sued over improper work done by a plumber they hired on their old condo. They argue over who should have been paying attention to the homefront during their marriage. Justin feels like Kate always put work ahead of their home life. Later they kiss and makeup but still don’t talk about their future.

-Kate mediates a case for Leonardo’s gaming friends. She forces the clients to leave their avatars behind but has to get into the mindset of the game to succeed with the mediation.

-Kim, the sandwich girl is back and although she flirts with Leo, he never finds the nerve to ask her out.

-Kate visits David Smith. She wants answers about the relationship between he and her father. David gives her an envelope but warns her that some things are better left in the past.

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Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kate: Does that cold tone of voice of yours, does that come naturally or is that something that you practice?
Lauren: I practice. Every time I talk to you.

Yes, nothing says Monday like a fresh bottle of Tequila.