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-During a mediation with a reporter, Kate unearths a coverup involving a crooked land deal between the city and a company called Sellex. 

-Ben realizes that Robin Archer can help them get information on Sellex and asks Kate to use her influence with him. Kate agrees.

-The FBI contacts Lauren and persuades her to wear a wire while meeting with Archer. 

-Kate realizes that Archer is also the mysterious Paul Kaplan who runs Sellex and he's been playing both sides but she can't prove it. She tells Lauren Archer is not a good man.

-Lauren is swayed by Archer's charms, ditches the wire and goes out with him anyway.

-Kate finds out that D.A. Davidson was involved in the dirty land deal and blackmails him into resigning, basically handing Justin the election.

-Kate and Justin decide to find a new apartment together but can't agree on anything. Eventually Kate realizes they aren't going to work and breaks things off with Justin.

-Kate moves into an apartment that Ben's friend recommended that she loved but Justin hated. When she walks onto the terrace she sees Ben on the terrace next door. He's her new neighbor.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Couldn't they have just shot her car tire out on a twisty deserted road?


We're trying to get a fresh start or a restart...whatever.