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-Judge Nicastro has Kate mediate a union dispute to avoid a metro transit strike but the head of the union feels that Nicastro is biased against them. 

-When protestors make lewd remarks to Kate outside of the courthouse, Nicastro hits him. Kate convinces the judge to allow her to help him save his job.

-Kate realizes that the head of Bay City Metro has been funding the anti-Nicastro rhetoric and wonders what else he's hiding.  With Justin's help she gets Bay City Metro's financial records only to find out that they've been hiding money from the union.

-Ben asks Kate out to dinner and she accepts.  As he waits at the restaurant, Kate panics about moving forward and ends up sleeping with Justin. 

-Ben frantically searches for Kate after she texts him that their date is cancelled.  When he finds out she was with Justin he's heartbroken and gives her the cold shoulder at the office the next day.

-A street artist vandalizes a painting for which Lauren paid $50,000. She later learns that the artist she bought it from stole the concept for the painting and she threatens to turn him in for fraud.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Call me or pretend to call me and let me know what you said.


I kissed somebody I work with and he is an idiot but not like the stupid kind, just like...oh I don't know he's just like the idiot kind.