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-Kate negotiates between a women's prison warden and the prisoners who are on a hunger strike for better food.

-Kate ends up wanting a retrial for Lea Ferran, a woman she believes is innocent of bank robbery. With Justin's help Kate finds that a different woman most likely drove the getaway car.

-Ben tries to get a new trial but is denied.  Kate is touched that he tried but he says he did it only because he thought he could win.

-Kate speaks in front of the parole board but they are uninterested in her new evidence. When Lea won't admit her guilt her parole is denied and she will remain in prison.  The hunger strike ends when the prison starts a garden program to grow fresh produce.

-Ben kisses Kate when they are both feeling down about their loss.  They're both shocked but the moment.

-Leo convinces Lauren to help his friend Ashley win back her rights to her comic book character. Lauren balks until she finds out that the character may be used in a movie.  They she goes to bat for Ashley.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You know being taken hostage sounds really good right now.


That brilliant thing came out of her brain full blown like Pegasus from the head of Medusa.