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-As Kate laments her upcoming divorce, she's hit on by a guy she teases but sends packing. Later she meet him at Reed & Reed. Ben Grogan is representing Sam, a man suffering from cancer due to exposure to harmful chemicals from his company. 

-Sam is torn whether to go through with the lawsuit against the company. Ben pushes him to take a settlement but Sam wants to know if the company actually lied to him. Kate offers to help him find the truth.

-Although Lauren fired her, Kate ends up in the middle of this case and Lauren needs Kate's help. Reed & Reed is in financial crisis.

-When opposing council offers to take over Reed & Reed he also arrogantly insults Lauren and the firm. Kate pours a drink on him while Lauren turns down his offer swearing she'll save her firm without his help.

-Kate and Ben find out that an executive's secretary shredded a memo stating the company knew about the chemicals 2 years before they told the employees. But she won't come forward because she was having an affair at the time.

-Kate deduces the affair was with her boss and tricks him into telling the truth in court, making him believe that his assistant is about to do the same.

-Kate enters into a partnership with Ben Grogan to save Reed & Reed

-Justin is beaten up in a parking lot. The District Attorney wants to use it as re-election fodder, even if they arrest the wrong man. Justin decides he won't lie for his boss and announces his own intentions to run for District Attorney.

-Kate attempts to reconcile with Justin. He says if they're going to start over he needs to confess that he cheated on her once while they were married. Kate is devastated and runs out.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I do believe in fate and she's a fickle, fickle, bitch.


Kate: It has been a while since anyone has offered to buy me a drink.
Ben: Really, has the world gone blind?