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-When Kate tries to keep a woman from being deported back to Haiti, she tracks down a witness, Natalie Roberts who can help.  Unfortunately, that Natalie's real name is Christie May Larsen and she's a former eco-terrorist who has been on the run for 20 years.

-Kate works with Justin to offer Christie a plea deal of 3 years in prison as she claims she was only a look out and didn't know there was a bomb. 

-As the deal is about to go through, Ben's old flame blows the whistle to get back at him.  When the police arrive, Christie and her husband run.

-D.A. Davidson threatens to arrest Kate for aiding a fugitive and forces her to contact Christie Larsen.  When they arrive at Larsen's home it is empty.  Kate turns on the TV as Justin is holding a press conference.  He put the plea deal through behind the D.A.'s back.  Davidson is furious.

-Leo tells Kate that Ben came looking for her the night she ditched him for Justin.  She's shocked to hear he might really care.

-Kate admits to Ben that she slept with Justin.  She and Justin leave the office holding hands Kate still seems unsure about what she wants.

-Lauren take strategy advice from Ben when trying to close a deal for a client looking to buy an airline.

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Kate: What ends badly?
Leo: Potentially all of this.

Is this a mind wipe? Is this where I forget that Kate stood you up for dinner and you showed up to my place looking all crazy eyed and desperate?