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-Ben sues the city saying his client was beaten by police when he tried to escape custody. He plans to point suspicion at Lt. Frank O'Hara. O'Hara was in the area of the beating but swears he didn't do it and didn't see who did.  Ben doesn't believe him.

-Ben asks Kate to assist on the case in the hopes of riling Justin but Kate wants to find who really beat up Andrei Chernov. She's angry that Ben is only interested in winning his case.

-Kate and Leo figure out that O'Hara's partner, Officer Galacki actually witnessed the beating but she's scared of being shunned by other officers and she needs her job.

-Lt. O'Hara lies to protect Galacki and says that he witnessed the event and names the police officers in question.  Since he's close to retirement he decided to protect his partner.

-When Kate sees Justin on a date she invites Ben back home and propositions him but he refuses to be he one night stand.

-Lauren faces ethics violations for using Ian Saunder's, a former client's money for 72 hours before returning it. She swears it was an accident but Kate knows she did it to make payroll.  Kate threatens Ian and gets him to drop the charges. 

Fairly Legal
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Fairly Legal Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Since when is Reed & Reed in the ambulance chasing game?


Panting is not a good look for you.