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There's a fight over Captain Weaver's competency on this episode, as Tom learns he's been popping pills and wants to make sure he can lead. Weaver responds by having Tom thrown into a basement cell.

The main topic of debate? Dai has returned from Porter's camp, where there's been an attack. Porter is assumed dead and it's unclear if the 4th and 5th Mass still plan on joining the 2nd in Boston to blow up the aliens' structure. Should they really go through with this plot with so little information confirmed?

Weaver thinks so. But Hal and Jimmy work to free Tom, who confronts Weaver. He says the survivors should be privy everything that's been going on - and Weaver finally relents.

The hour ends with Weaver giving a speech about the situation and with 50 people agreeing to go into town with him anyway and blow up the structure. Tom is left behind to care for the non-fighters at camp, aware of how Ben may soon turn into a Skitter.

Falling Skies
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