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On the second episode of Falling Skies:

- Tom and his team got a glimpse of Ben and the other harnessed kids. They were seemingly working as slaves for the aliens. When the squad returned to base, they were told that a doctor (played by Steven Weber) was on hand and had come up with a way to safely detach the harnesses from the children. They just needed one to essentially serve as a guinea pig: Ben.

- At that, Tom and his crew went back to retrieve Ben. But a problem arose when Mike, the father of another harnessed boy jumped in to save his kid, Rick. Tom was knocked out from the struggle and dragged to safety, while Hal and Karen were left behind.

- The retrieved boy was tended to by Dr. Harris, while Tom recovered and went back for Hal. He found him but was greeted by this solemn news: the Skitters had ordered the Macs to kill a bunch of kids right in front of him, sending a message: you take one child, we kill a handful. (Ben is still alive.)
The aliens also captured Karen. But Tom was able to take a Skitter hostage who tried to kill him.

- We also learned more about Tom's anger toward Harris. He was with Tom's wife when she was killed and he ran to take cover himself, leaving her open to attack. He's also sort of a dick, laying guilt on Tom because it was actually his turn to gather food that morning, but his wife let him sleep in.

- The episode concluded with the Skitter, now held by the Second Massachusetts, suddenly opening his eyes. As he did, the boy who the doctor had operated on - removing the harness that had attached itself to his spine - also opened his. Uh-oh!

Falling Skies
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