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- The Volm device is used against the Espheni and doesn't work at first, but then the shield is destroyed. The Volm ship arrives with Cochise's father. In the aftermath, the Volm decide that the Human forces have to be relocated to Brazil. They refuse and want to fight beside the Volm. After a discussion about Human spirit, the Volm give in and give the Humans their guns back and allow them to leave.


- The forces take their guns and head to Charleston when they come face-to-face with Karen. She tells Tom she has a gift for him and he says he has one for her too and shoots her. Hal goes to Karen and she declares her feelings for him and Maggie shoots her dead.


- Tom hears Anne yelling for me and goes to her. They are reunited and he meets his daughter who has aged to about 6 years old. It appears she is healthy but aging faster than a normal Human. After returning to the rest of the group, Lexi goes to Lourdes and touches her face removing the eye worms from her. Then Lexi crushes them and they turn into dust.







Falling Skies
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Falling Skies Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Thank you my friend. I hope I see you again soon.


The Volm have done what the fishheads never could ... brought us to our knees.