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The Mason family is reunited at Chinatown. It's not smooth sailing when the family get together though because of Lexi. She's gone into a cocoon state. Given her meetings with the Overlord, a conflict arises over what to do with her.

Pope, Maggie and Hal take one side that Lexi needs to be destroyed, while Tom holds strong with Weaver, Ben and Matt that Lexi must be protected. Maggie switches sides to protect Lexi.

Hal remains with his family and Pope gets the other residents to safety in case Lexi goes bad. Tom promises he'll do what's necessary if Lexi isn't safe.

Anne takes a drug to remember what happened when she was in a cocoon with Karen.

Anne ends up connecting with Lexi in this state and remembers that her daughter saved her over following Karen.

Lexi and Anne connect to show that Lexi will protect her family first.

Falling Skies
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