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Tom leads the group to a Volm safe haven. Cochise takes Tom and Weaver to where Matt is being held and Hal is left in charge.

Tom finds Matt and saves him. Weaver is also reunited with his daughter, but it's not nearly as happy. She was turned into some kind of creature that poisoned Cochise.

Hal isn't able to control Pope, who goes off to get supplies on his own. Pope meets his match in a woman at the farm. They end up working together to survive a Mech attack and return to the safe haven.

The Espheni head to the safe haven and Hal makes the decision to leave with Volm. He leaves his father a message to lead him to the peaceful enclave they are heading to.

In Chinatown, Anne finds out about Lexi's meeting with the Espheni. Lexi's powerful and dangerous.

Falling Skies
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