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Tom puts together a plan to escape the Espheni Ghetto. He will lead the Skitters away and into a trap, while Dingaan Botha uses the suit to climb the electric fence and then blow up the tether. Hal is responsible for getting all the residents into the tunnel to escape.

They run into a snag with Dingaan Botha's hand is injured, so Pope takes over. He loses the backpack, but is able to recover and get over the fence. He falls and is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he blows up the tether, but the explosion doesn't take it out entirely. Using a metal bar, Pope disconnects the tether.

Hal gets the people to safety, except Skitters follow an elderly couple. The man dies. They block the Skitters and when the fence goes down everyone else escapes.

Ben tells Maggie that Lexi met with an Espheni and she's not happy, so she gets her guns and confronts Lexi. It doesn't go well. Lexi breaks Maggie's wrist and tells her to get rid of the guns because they threaten the peace.

Anne faints on the journey to find Lexi. She has a dream of Lexi's origin. She knows Lexi is close and she's reunited with her daughter.

Matt covers for his friend at the re-education school and is taken away.

Falling Skies
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