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The Griffin family goes to see Brian's new play "A Passing Fancy." They find themselves laughing and crying at it, and it's a hit with the city of Quahog. Brian's feeling good about himself until he reads Stewie's play, and he finds it to be brilliant. However, he talks to Jasper and he suggests that Brian lie and say that it was awful. He does just that, and tries to destroy his only copy of it, but Stewie discovers him burying it in the backyard. 

Stewie winds up getting his play picked up to be produced on Broadway, which drives Brian crazy because his work is mediocre by comparison. Stewie takes Brian with him to New York, and Brian gets to meet famous playwrights like David Mamet, where they trash "A Passing Fancy" without knowing he wrote it. It distresses him greatly to know his work is considered to be garbage. As well, he is jealous that Stewie discovered his greatness at such a young age while Brian himself doesn't have long to live. Stewie however intentionally sabotages his play by making some changes that people don't like, and Brian appreciates it.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Quagmire: Hey guys, this is my date Consuela.
Consuela: No, no, no.
Quagmire: Okay, we're here as friends, but I'm gonna change your mind one day.

Lois: Remember kids, if it's terrible, at the end we all say "You did it!"
Stewie: I can't believe we're going to the theater the same day Chris drowned a mouse in a puddle. I mean, don't we need a day to clear our heads?