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Chris builds a birdhouse modeled after the governor's mansion from Benson, and Peter goes outside with him to see what birds will come to it, hoping that they're "giant tits" as part of a double entendre. When a falcon kills the birds that come to the birdhouse, he decides to become a falconer. Him and the falcon get into shenanigans that come to an end when he gets sued for stealing someone's motorcycle. Thus, Lois needs to go and get a job to help supplement the family's income. She winds up getting a job as a phone sex operator, taking calls from a variety of Quahog residents, including Peter.

Peter becomes smitten with the woman "Classy" that Lois is playing, because him and Lois have drifted apart sexually in part thanks to her new job. He keeps calling and talking to "Classy" until he says he wants to meet her, which Lois agrees to because she wants to catch Peter in the act. They meet up with Lois wearing a blonde wig, and Peter explains how even though he has a wife, he wanted to see if she could be someone special, and they enjoy passionate sex. Afterward, Lois reveals her true identity, and gets mad at Peter for cheating on her, but he says that he knew deep down that the person he was talking to was his soul mate - and it was her, not to mention that this was the closest they had been in a while. They reconcile, their sexual relationship renewed by this new excitement.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

Peter: Hey Lois, let's go outside and see if we can find some great tits! 'Cause there certainly ain't any in here!
Chris: Remember those two we saw last night? One was bigger than the other!

Peter: Well, I'll be on the lookout for great tits.
Lois: Peter!
Brian: Well actually Lois, that's a species of bird that's been known to frequent domestic birdhouses.