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With the Griffin family decorating their Christmas tree, Peter decides to tell the story of the Nativity and birth of Jesus. Peter as Joseph meets Lois as Mary, and goes on several dates with her. However, she refuses to sleep with him, and one night, reveals that an angel came to her and said that she would be blessed with the son of God. So they travel to Bethlehem to deliver the child. Meanwhile, the three wise men, played by Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland, hear the news of the miraculous baby and decide to travel to see him born. In need of water, they come across King Herod's palace, and stop in as they need water. They tell him of the baby who will be known as King of Kings, and Herod (played by Carter Pewterschmidt) is jealous.

Joseph and Mary reach Bethlehem but all the rooms in the town are booked up because Cher is in town, so they're forced to stay in a manger.Mary gives birth to Jesus, with Dr. Hartman there to supervise the birth. Meanwhile, King Herod sends his forces to take the baby, but Jesus (played by Stewie) flies up in his manger, actually a flying ship, and takes out Herod's forces. The end. Back in reality, a pregnant couple comes to the door needing to use the phone, and Peter ironically shoos them away, suspecting they're grifters.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Chris: A guy's name was Robbie back then?
Peter: The Bible's fuzzy on that.

Meg: I can only imaging what it was like for them on that very first Christmas.
Brian: Yeah, it was probably very moving. And fictional.
Stewie: Jesus lived with us for like a week, what else do you need?