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Peter and the family sit around the table for a meal.

Peter thinks he's a changed person. He thinks he's a Justin now. 

Peter tries to bond with Stewie with skin to skin contact because he's a "cool" dad now.

Peter sings Baba O'Riley on karaoke. It takes forever to get started.

Chris and Peter are in Chris's room looking at Peter's makeover of the place .

Peter embraces his younger alter ego "Justin," simply because he finds out his real name is Justin. He throws parties in the house until Lois is fed up with it. 

Peter kills the "wild things."

Quagmire is caught with an underage high school girl, and takes credit because it's impressive. Joe ends up having to arrest him, but congratulates him as a friend as well.

Quagmire informs his neighbors that he's now a pedophile, including Peter and his family. 

Peter agrees to be a character witness in Quagmire's trial. 

Joe tries to support his friend but has to divulge in his disgusting ways. 

Quagmire has an outburst and tries to defend himself. He claims that he should be put on the stand.

We find out that Quagmire has major mommy issues -- that his misguided carnal instincts are the results of being raised by a sexual deviant. 

Quagmire remembers his mom going to his prom, when even he couldn't. He remembers learning the alphabet only due to the names of the men she's slept with. 

Just when Quagmire is about to be sentenced, his mom walks in -- uprising everyone in the room.

Peter reminisces being surprised when the family took him to a restaurant for his birthday. His face gets frozen in surprise. 

Quagmire's mom tries to get him released in his custody, but the judge sentences Quagmire for 20 years.

The gang rips on Quagmire for a variety of reasons -- his moms, his impending jail time, and so forth. The jokes seem to come easily as Stewie and Peter both take the time to note. 

As the gang takes Quagmire to jail, it seems as if he's being reprimanded for all his mistakes. It seems as if he's getting all the hate and punishment that he definitely deserves at this point. Joe accidently kills his cats, Peter throws his gold Rolex watch, and Cleveland points out that Quagmire may have earned this.

It seems as if Quagmire's mom, although being a born again Christian, had sex with the Judge twice just to get Qaugmire's sentenced dropped.

It seems to have worked, and the Judge stops Quagmire right before he enters the jail to inform him of the good news. Quagmire thanks his mom for doing the most Christian thing possible - saving her own son. 

Peter comments on the fact that Quagmire has yet again gotten away with his crime and learned absolutely nothing in the progress. It seemed as if he would, but all is indeed right with the world considering that he didn't learn a thing and got off scot-free like usual. 


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