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The Griffin family pays a visit to the Springfield on the season 13 premiere of Family Guy. 

Peter finds that he has a knack for drawing cartoons - although they seem to offend everyone. When they lead to a huge uproar, and cause an army of feminists gather in protest, the Griffins decide to skip town. A carjacking leaves them stranded in Springfield, and the crossover inspired hilarity ensues. Stewie finds a mentor in Bart, Peter a companion in Homer, and Lois a passive aggressive "BFF" in Marge.  

Brian finds an enemy in Santa's Little Helper, but is soon flustered when his well intentions lead to the dog going missing.  

Stewie revels in Bart's closet of weapons, including a particularly deadly slingshot, and joins in giddy as they make prank phone calls. And when Bart is bullied by the usual villain, Nelson Muntz, Stewie steps up to the plate as only he could. 

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin team up to find the latter's car, but get sidetracked by plenty hilarious moments - including a car wash montage, and a heated debate over the merits of Pawtucket and Duff brewery. 

With plenty of entertaining moments throughout, the crossover is sure to be a riot for fans of both shows. 

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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

"I cut your name into my arm so I can always remember you."


"I used to love Duff when I was younger, but I haven't even had it in like 13 years."