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As Stewie moves on to the purple room in preschool, Brian talks about how he believes that Stewie just keeps graduating into different levels of the same preschool. Lois  Stewie soon realizes that there's more ot see in the world and asks Brian to help him escape his confinements. 

Meg is asked to be a model, but she doesn't realize that Evan, the photographer, is only interested in her feet until it's too late. However, she's convinced into keeping the job. Charles Barkley makes an appearance. 

Peter doesn't believe that Meg could be a model of any kind. 

Peter and Lois are caught dancing and enjoying themselves in a romantic moment. 

Stewie and Brian hitchhike onto a bus with a choir and an African-American driver - they sing along together about "what they see." 

Photographer, Evan, does his best to keep Meg on board. He says she's a foot fetish sensation. 

Stewie dons a goatee and tries to tailgate with Brian. Stewie can't find a comfortable way to sit down on a blanket. He tries to act like a more vulgar version of himself. 

Chris recognizes his sister's foot from the videos he's seen.

Peter sees an animated video of him and Lois having sex on the site.

Lois questions Peter's often times very random tangents. 

Meg denies her mom's request to stay in the house and risks being grounded. She goes with Evan to a party in her honor. 

Stewie and Brian run into some bad luck when they try to have a threesome with a raver - she overdoses on drugs right before the foreplay. 

Lois and Peter scramble to find the location of the foot fetish party. They contact Quagmire and use his network to find the address of the event. It turns out to be 50 men and one foot. Peter and Lois come just in time to apologize to Meg for putting her down, and then get Joe to take her place as the foot.

Brian and Stewie drag the body to the top of a nearby cliff and after saying a few words, roll her off the other side. Stewie makes sure to take her bra since she owed him $40, and claims that he can sell it to get some Gatorades. 

Back at the house, Peter and Lois talk to a relieved Meg who thanks them for saving her from making a mistake. Lois confirms that they love her and would never let her feel alone or like she needs to seek attention ever again. Meg finally gets the consolation she deserves from both Lois and Peter, although Peter is obviously less receptive than Lois. 

After all this, Joe, who was left back in the hospital with his foot through a hole in a curtain (so that the foot fetish men could see it), watching Tower Heist, finally comes knocking on the door. He rolls into the house and picks up his leg to reveal that his foot was somehow impregnated by the men at the hospital.



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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

Lois, please send these back to the factory, I believe they're defective.


I've never even been in a picture before.