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After watching a live comedy act on TV, Brain goes on a tangent about bad comedy and decides to put together his own comedy act. Stewie shares his Twitter comedy, but Brian decides he'll gets his act from newspaper stories.

Stewie says he's the only one who understand social media. 

Peter is drunk and falls asleep on Lois' side of the bed. When Lois gets into Peter's side, she falls into the mattress because springs are broken.

Brian tries out his act at a comedy club. His first few jokes are duds, but when he pulls from Stewie's Twitter feed, the crowd goes wild.

At breakfast, Lois tells Peter they need a new mattress. Brain brags to Stewie about his success at the comedy club, but fails to tell him about stealing his Twitter blurbs.

Lois and Peter try out mattresses. 

Brian has another successful night at the comedy club. Stewie was there to watch the show and calls Brian out for stealing his material. He tells Brian they are no longer friends.

When Brian tries to talk to Stewie later, Stewie has created a new friend, a robot he named Lyle. 

Peter wants to break in the new mattress by having sex, but Lois wants to keep the mattress new for a few weeks.

Stewie looks forward to seeing Monuments Men with Lyle and can't wait to talk about it afterwards. There is nothing to talk about. Stewie comes up with other friend things they can do together.

Lyle is starting to become smarter than Stewie.

At the Drunken Clam, Peter is testy because he and Lois haven't had sex because of the new mattress. Quagmire suggests they find the old mattress so Peter's sex life can return to normal.

Lyle creates new robot friends because Stewie isn't smart enough for him. They start ostracizing and bullying Stewie.

Peter takes the guys to a 1950's insane asylum to try to find his mattress. They all get taken inside. Eventually they find the mattress.

Brian finds Stewie in the toilet with the seat down. He tells Brian what has been happening. He and Brian decide to do something about the robots.

Peter brings the old mattress home and pleads his case to Lois about all the memories created on the old mattress. They have sex on the old mattress.

Stewie is still getting bullied by the robots and doesn't have a solution. Brian sprays them with water.

Lois and Peter are itchy after sleeping on the old mattress and decide to throw it out. The little boy robots are strewn across the mattress. Herbert the Pervert finds the display enticing.

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 3 Quotes

We act like we didn't take a lot from The Simpsons, but we took a lot from The Simpsons.


Stand up is so 20 years ago. Twitter's only three years ago.