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The Griffins attend Bonnie's 46th birthday part. Joe shows videos of their life before he was crippled and after.  When Brian goes to the bathroom he overhears Bonnie crying in her bedroom and comforts her.

They talk, and she expresses her frustration at her lot in life always having to take care of Joe. They kiss.

Brian feels bad and can't sleep. Peter comes into the kitchen and Brian tells him what happened. Joe and Bonnie come over the next night for a family game night. Brian and Bonnie talk about what happened. Everyone is playing charades when Peter tells Joe about Brian and Bonnie's kiss.

Brian apologizes to Joe, but Joe is exacting revenge on him by having his car towed.

Lois tries to put a stop to Joe's revenge by having Bonnie and Joe come for a meeting with Cleveland, Quagmire and the others. Everyone attacks Bonnie and Brian. Brian defends Bonnie. Bonnie defends herself.

They take off. They run out of gas and start working at a diner. They have an argument, then make up. Joe shows up, tells Bonnie how much he loves her. They kiss and make up. Brian tries to take credit for getting them back together. Joe shoots him in the foot.

Meg has to volunteer at an old folk's home and steals a brooch. She continues to steal and Chris finds out. He wants in and they go back and start taking even more stuff. Eventually, Meg's whole room is filled with old people's stuff, and she and Chris are doing silly old people things. They realize what they did was wrong and sneak back in to the home to return the stuff, but the old people catch them.

They make Meg really spend time with them as punishment instead of calling the police.

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm a bigger scumbag than Spock.


Here, we brought you guys an orchid from Trader Joe's, because we don't know or care about any of your interests.