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Brian is working on his computer watching porn when Stewie walks in. Brian claims he's working on "numbers", but Stewie knows better. 

Lois comes in with Thanksgiving groceries. No one helps her and Stewie tells Brian she needs some of that drink he invented, which happens to be Monster energy drink. 

Cutaway to Stewie on Monster.

The Griffins are watching TV: Guy Friends. Meg comes in with mail. His sister, Karen, sent a letter that she will be visiting for Thanksgiving. His kids don't know about Karen. Lois insists she come, Peter says no. 

Cutaway to Back to the Future alternate ending.

It's Thanksgiving and the Swansons, Quagmire, Browns, and Griffins are watching TV. 

Cutaway to The Cosby Show.

The turkey isn't done so Lois brings out more appetizers. Karen arrives, greets Meg, Lois, Chris. Peter comes to say hello. Karen grabs him and farts in his face.

Quahog congresswoman shows up that Chris invited. He comments on her pantsuit.

Quagmire introduces himself to Karen. Karen calls Peter names, then punches him. Cleveland recognizes her as female wrestler, "Heavy Flow." 

Cutaway to Karen calling out Andre the Giant the day after September 11.

The guys are supremely impressed. Quagmire comments on her strength. Cutaway to Superman joke.

Peter and Lois are in the kitchen finishing up Thanksgiving dinner. Peter complains about Karen. Lois tells him to pretend to get along. Cutaway to Peter going "home" to the White House.

Everyone is gathered around the table telling stories about Peter when he and Lois walk in. Peter wants to carve turkey, but Karen already did that as well as the joke Peter usually tells at Thanksgiving. He's sad.

The guys want Karen to show them her moves after dinner, but Peter whines about the family football game. Lois wants him to calm down. Peter says she is ruining Thanksgiving.

Cutaway to parody of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Everyone is outside warming up for the family football game. Peter starts explaining the rules when everyone decides they want to be on Karen's team. Karen tackles Peter causing him to stutter, then pee himself.

The next day, Peter is at the kitchen table when Meg comes in and tells him she understands what he's going through. He doesn't understand how she would know about bullying but then then it dawns on him. Cutaway to a montage of Meg being bullied moments set to "Celebrate" by Kool & the Gang.

Meg wants Peter to stand up to his sister. He agrees, but he plans on doing it as a female wrestler, fighting her in the ring.

Lois and Chris are watching TV when Peter shows up dressed as female wrestler, Maxi Patsy, "the fiercest enemy of Heavy Flow." Lois thinks it's ridiculous and wants him to just talk, but Peter insists he do it his way.

Cutaway to baseball joke.

The guys are in Joe's garage. He brings his "old friend" Steven Segal to give Peter combat points. Peter just comments on Segal's weight. Cleveland gives the guys painkillers. They get high and chill out on the couch. Quagmire tries to hypnotize Peter to get to the root of his fears.

Cutaway to Chico's Monkey Farm commercial.

Karen is fighting at New Haven Coliseum. She beats Her Majesty's Secret Service. Peter shows up and challenges Karen. Karen realizes it's Peter. They fight. Karen is about to end it when Meg shows up and hits Karen in the head with a chair. Meg wins.

Peter thanks Meg for saving him. They bond. He apologizes for all the bullying he did to her.

Stewie shows up dressed as a pimp.

Back at the Griffin house, they talk about Karen who is in a coma. The hospital calls. Peter says he's not the same blood type and hangs up the phone. Tells Lois that Karen isn't going to make it.


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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

You're like all the worst parts of a girlfriend.


There's nothing worse than grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving.